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  1. i was wondering if i use fox farm ocean forest mix and miracle grow organic plant at the seedlings stage can i still use fox farm big bloom during flowering period and also i want to know if you have one souvenir with a 900g/yield for outdoor growth what is the production of the plant at a good budding stage
  2. if you by seeds and the seed bank said 900g/yield it will grow around 10 to 12 feet tall
    at the harvest time.

    my mango strain grows 15 feet tall and it gives me 1225g/yield.
    so i think you have to use a booster for blooming period if you want a big yield

    keep it growing
  3. for me i use a granular fertilizer it last for a month so i put 5 times fertilizer for all
    the summer.i do my mix.

    for veg grow i do a mix of nitrogen ( N ) and potassium ( K )

    and for flowering period i mix phosphate ( P ) and potassium ( K )

    keep it growing
  4. Thanks man but I still want to know is it safe to use the miracle grow organic at the seedlings stage and the big bloom at the flowering stage bc I already have my own compost
  5. why not?????
    it is better to use organic or natural fertilizers in the beginingso you
    are sure that it will not burned your young plants

    keep it growing

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