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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Northafrica, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Hi! I live in North Africa (Tunisia) and I have the possibility to grow how much weed I want too because I live in a small village and I have very very very much ground, it's like I have my own mini-country :hello: so I will not be disturbed.. So I just wanna know if the temperature in North Africa is good for growing marijuana? It's like 100 degrees in the summers..
  2. People grow in Australia and United States and it is very hot in those countries during the summer . I think you can grow in North Africa, as long as you water your plants regularly they should be fine . Quality probably not going to be as good as indoor, but you can easily pull close to a half a kilo per plant.
  3. Yo Tunis,
    I say grow, grow and grow!! everybody knows how legendary Moroccan hashish is, had to come from somewhere local there, right? Im in N. California, in one of the hotter areas, we get to 100F all the time sometimes for weeks during late summer...Youll be fine..
  4. Yeh exactly.. I mean I seriously will have no problems with the law nor the people.. I seriously own like half the village xD.. So I guess I'll just have to read, read and read so I can learn about it all so I can have some fun with the babies :D.. Any recommendations about the seeds tho?

  5. out doors is just as good as indoors lol .
    most of thecali weed sold is out door past off as indoor . :wave:

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