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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by g33kr4m, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. hey i wanted to know how to build a growing spot that is 2 by 1 meters (rather small but its only for me). what would u need and give me some tips on what to start with if yur just beginning with this.....
  2. seeds,

    that's about it!

    e-mail me at mcgooner@aol.com and i will send you a growing guide ok,
  3. i didnt see that there was a outdoor section..
  4. ive heard about people growing in the arm pits of trees before...building a little platform and the securing the buckets... dont know how well it works...
  5. "the weed farm" is discovered by someone? What is the best explanation if your asked how it got there in the first place?
    hehe, just planning ahead i guess
  6. After the weed has dried up very nicely how do you prepare it for smoking?
  7. you should build a little fence around it to, maybe hide it or something so people don't just walk on it or steal it. go buy a "Beware of Dog" sign or some shit
  8. im gonna make a few pics so u can tell me is tha sp0t is good
  9. There are little roots comming out of my seeeeeds!!!!!!!!1
  10. My first plant! I'm so happy, I called it......Angle (angel)
    Don't know my, but I like it.
    Check it out with me from the beginning.

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  11. Another Camera View (ACV) of Angle.

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  12. This is the seedbed where it was created from.

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  13. now there is one proud popa!
  14. angels soil looks a bit saturated how much do u water it?
  15. i agree, you have holes in the bottom i hope.
  16. that looks cool, i wanna follow ur growing progress, so keep on postin' :)
  17. u growin' outside? jus wondering, wouldn't u plant them outside? jus wondering what ur doin'
  18. hey a can tell ya a little trick i used about three years ago that workde dwell you take and have a plant in a 5 gallon bucket and spray piant it to camauflauge it then go out in the wods find the right spot then tie a rope on it by he handle and throw one end ove ra limb way up high as you can then hoist it up there and tie it off and get the hell outta there you wouldnt believe how many ppl walk right under it and never imagine a weed plant bien above there hesad lol good luck

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