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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by blueflame, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Okay, I'm going to try and grow my own plant. I have a spot outside and I am going to plant a couple seeds. From what I hear, you put a couple seeds in a damp paper towel for like 5 days till the roots pop out, then u plant them in the ground. Here are my questions.

    How far down do u plant the seeds?

    How far apart should u plant the seeds?

    How long until you pick them?

    U just plant the beaners you get when u buy weed right?

    How do u know which way to set the seeds in when planting?

    Thanks alot for your help guys.

  2. outdoor i suggest u just pop em in the soil, or u can do the paper towel method... but is easier too just pop em in the soil, but what ever u feel is more sucessful do it.....

    plant the seed 2 inches in the dirt....

    4 or 5 feet apart... but then aging 3 to make it look more natural grown and not planted by a human hand..

    yup u can use the bag seeds...

    if pre rooted.. root gose downward faceing the soil.. if just seed, pop it in side ways, so ethier side belly is resting on the soil....latezz..
  3. The paper towel method works but do not let the towel dry out. If you are more experienced, then there are better methods than the paper towel. The seeds should sprout within the first two or three days. If they don't sprout by the fifth day, they probably never will.

    You don't want to plant the seeds two deep. Otherwise they might die before they make it to the surface. An inch deep is fine. Two inches might be pushing it.

    I was told to that when you plant them, you put the sprout side of the seed up because, if you watch how they grow, you will notice that the root comes out and turns down and the sprout comes out of the ground an upside down "J". But it doesn't really matter. No matter what way you put the seeds in, they will still come out.

    If you're gonna plant them in the grownd, I suggest getting chicken wire and sifting the dirt to get all the rocks and roots out and to make the dirt more loose. I like to make cone holes 2 or 3 feet deep and 3 or 4 feet wide. Check the pH of the soil too. Where I live, the soil is too acidic so we need to add lime. You have to check the pH because if it's not right, then your plant will not be able to soak up the nutrients from the soil and will seem to be deficient in everything. I like to add a slow releasing 16-16-16 to the soil so that I don't need to give fertilizer.

    As for how far apart, I would say 4 or 5 feet. You have to realize though that a plant in long season can get over 12 feet tall and produce over a pound of weed so they will need to be some distance apart. You'll want to top them a bunch of times so that they only get 8 feet tall and produce more tops and more weed.

    Because they get so tall, they will need stem support or else they will fall over. That's why you shouldn't plant them directly into the dirt. I would plant them into a pot until they get at least ten inches tall. Then when they get ten inches, I take some of the bottom leefs off and burry it deep into the grownd so that only the top 4 inches are above ground. Might take a couple weeks for them to start growing but once they do, they will grow at least an inch a day.

    How long until you pick them? Pick what? Do you mean the buds? Depends on where you are at. Once they start to bud, it's usually 2 or 3 months until you harvest. The hairs will turn brown and the pods will start to look old. Might not be until the late summer or fall that they start budding.

    And yes, you just use the seeds that you get out of the weed. If they are not ripe, then they will be sort of white and you can pop them in your fingers. They should be a darker brown or a light brown with stripes.
  4. Okay thanks guys, that was really helpfull. But I still am kinda confused about how to start them. What should the seeds look like before u plant em? And it doesnt really matter which way u put the seed in? Will they grow if i just fix up the soil a bit and then throw a couple seeds down about an inch deep? How long will it take to get some weed out of it. I dont care if its shwag.

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