Outdoor grow nearing harvest, help with strain id?

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  1. So basically, we live in South Africa, which means we have a pretty nice climate, but not much access to proper growing supplies. My girlfriend and I live together and have never grown any weed before but have smoked a fair amount. We got a seed in a gram of pretty nice chronic although we can't remember which strain it was. We kept the seed for a while before planting it.
    Anyway, we ended up planting it at the exact right time of the year by chance and it did well for the first few weeks. We have very limited space and just decided to grow this one plant as an experiment. It turned out to be a perfect female, luckily, but it did get attacked by white flies in the middle of its vegetation/stretch phase. With careful maintainance we managed to make it quite healthy. We fed it seagrow (not sure if you get that in your country) which seemed to fix all nutrient problems.
    When it was a decent height, we decided to start the flowering cycle by bringing it in at night and sticking it inside a cupboard which we covered with plastic bags and blankets. This helped alot.
    We are now at about 5 -  6 weeks into flowering and they are looking pretty nice for what was originally just an experiment. We are thinking about cutting in two weeks or so. We are still unsure of the strain though, but think it may be some type of cheese?
    Any advice or help with the strain or grow in general would be appreciated. Latest pics attached.


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  2. No way to tell. The best is narrowing down the type which your seems to be a saltiva dominate hybrid. You can call it anything you want. It's yours to name. Congrats.
  3. looks like Marijuana
  4. It look like some dankle berry strain.
  5. One solid branch

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