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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by WadadliSpecialist, Jun 7, 2019.

  1. F08B3275-4A83-467C-83EF-40DEEE319091.jpeg 1131C379-CA27-45CD-BC0C-F8B17DA08134.jpeg B55622F2-5B25-4818-B62E-E13A3E01E6FC.jpeg 4A4D89B0-2036-4733-9529-A096D0678F63.jpeg 901DBD91-EB71-402F-B2E5-94C862406154.jpeg Hey guys,
    This is my 2nd ever weed grow operation. What I am trying to accomplish is to gain as much knowledge to be able to care for my weed. I got the seeds from a co worker . I reckon that they might be a kush of some sort. I made a soil mix of potting mix with horse manure mixed. For Fertilizer I used 20-20-20. Any tips you guys could share with me I’m really here to learn !
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  2. They look really good so far. Keep up the good work!
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  3. It must be hard to work with 20.20.20.
    Do you use 1/4 strength?
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  4. get your IPM on lock now!!!!

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  5. lol
  6. When you say hard, what do you mean?

    I used 1tsp per 1 gallon of water. I’ve used it twice on my plants since they have germinated over the past 4-5 weeks
  7. intergrated pest management

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  8. I mean you have to dilute 20.20.20 a lot.
    You already knew that; you’re feeding it, essentially, 7.7.7.
    I’d, personally, have tried for 5.5.5 since I’ve seen the plants just don’t need much.
    I MUST ADMIT that the Fox Farm soil Trio, that my boy MADE ME use, was pretty amazing.

    I’m holding off on my neem oil and BT.... I want to watch and learn... I have lots of time to look.
    I like to grow the plants; the reefer is but a by-product for me.

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