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    Hi this is my 1st  post i live in central cali this is my 4th plant 2nd year growing it is bagseed and was transplanted from small pot to the ground  in early march it vegged then in mid april showed signs of flowering (pistils) note it has only been given fox farm and regular water how much longer do you think it will continue to flower for? srry no pic atm it is pretty healthy despite early planting it is developing nicley 

  2. It could possibly switch back into veg (revegging) or it might just stay flowering. I'm not too sure on your lighting cycle/times in cali, but with the summer solstice only a few weeks away, it might switch back.
    As for just flowering, it could take 8-12 weeks depending on strain.
  3. You have a couple of choices depending on just how well it flowered so far.. I already harvested out my late Feb/March outdoor plants as they had started to re-veg despite my efforts to cover and extend flowering..
    Re-veg will start low on the plant with the buds opening and sending out new stem and leaf growth and progress upwards..
    Look at your trichs and if she's near enough go on and harvest her.. And start fresh with New plants..
    Or partial harvest and leave 1/3 of the lower buds and plant and let her veg out again.. she'll be a strange multi headed single leaf blades for a while but she'll flower again..

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