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    I germed a few bag seeds a few weeks ago, let them get a little big indoors (10 inches), then moved them outdoors, using all the original soil found outdoors. i moved them outside about 2 weeks ago, i was going to dig out a plot but when i started digging i realized how airy, moist and rich the soil was. full of worms and a lot of decomposing plant matter. Now they are doing amazingly, i haven't had to water them, or do anything to them since they've been in the soil. The bottom leaves do have a few bites in it, nothing too major... i will probably take off the lowest couple branches to prevent that from happening. these pictures are about a week old, i checked them today and they have grown even more. I'm not sure if i am going to use any nutes, might just let this go 100% naturally, and organic

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  2. Those look really nice. Some good Indica looks like. Good luck man!!
  3. Nice man, looks like they'll grow nice and fat. Good luck

    Happy Tokin

  4. Here's another baby girl i have going out shortly, She's half Kush x Fucking incredible
    I also just planted another 12 seedlings that are going out in a week or 2. I'm gonna use a few different locations. i have a HUGE forested area to use. Might as well make the best of it.

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  5. So i just went and check on them yesterday, and they look amazing! they've grown about 5 inches! So now i have 9 other babys that are going out in the next couple days! This should be a good outdoor season
  6. here are a couple pics

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  7. Why is that one flowering?
  8. I'm not totally sure. it's been outside for 3 weeks, and it has been flowering for 2. i guess it's still early to plant it.
  9. Hey.
    Not a full 12 hrs of direct sunlight is causing the flowering.

    I live in BC too. Is your forested area pine ?
    Planting too close can fuck things up.
    Pines make the soil super acidic.

    Beautiful plants man.

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