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  1. I have 2 main pots 1 is 150 gallons the other is 50 gallons. I finally planted in the large pot which now has a blue cookies clone in it. I will get a picture of it soon. The 50 gallon has a double tangie banana teen planted. Both pots are heavily infested with gnats and I'm worried about my ladies. Mosquito Bits or Dunks or Monterey BT-i liquid form or other form of BT what is the final recommendation? The soils are all made with 1cup per cubic foot of both neem seed meal and also contain both shrimp meal and crab meal. They do not seem to be discouraged by any of those. The pots also have about 1/4 inch layer of rice hulls along the top. I am going to try and put about an inch of rice hulls on the 50 gallon as I have the room but it will be harder to go that deep on the 150 gallon. Any benefit to adding more neem seed meal or crab/shrimp meal? I lost one of the clones (durban poison) I purchased already possibly too much sun not sure I'll get pictures of the clones as well I think they may pull through. Any of those home remedies working for anyone i.e. cinnamon or chamomile? I am wary of beneficial nematodes or predator mites too expensive and DE I was worried about the worms so not sure about that either only helps with 1 stage too and it's messy. It's pretty windy I'm surprised the adults manage to stick around. Thanks for the ideas.

    150gallon7.jpg 50 gallon.jpg
  2. You probably have fungus gnats and those usually happen when the soil is kept too wet. Luckily, I've never had them myself but I've read posts by plenty who have. Those are huge containers you're growing in. Are you making sure to let them dry out enough between watering or have you been experiencing the wet summer like we have here in the south. Go to the forums page and type in gnats or fungus gnats in the search bar. It will pull up associated threads and maybe you can find a solution. TWW
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  3. Yes I was likely over watering before but have not watered for over 2 days now and will not water till possibly Friday. I did look in the search bar and read through a couple of the old threads. I was hoping someone in a similar situation i.e outdoors, large fabric pots, West Los Angeles area if that matters, or with actual experience could chime in. What is the efficacy of the different types of products how do people use them; mosquito dunks vs. mosquito Bits for example same company different products which to use how/why?, any difference in how people use them, number of applications, time of application night/day, top dressed or mixed with water etc.
  4. I break up the dunks and mix them into the soil. You can do it when you mix it and as a top dressing. I also hear people use sand at about an inch thick to keep them from getting to the soil. There is also a product called gnatnix that works like sand. You can also get nematodes off amazon pretty cheap.

    Good luck. I hate those things.
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  5. Blue Cookies 150 Gallon full view Blue Cookies 1.jpg
    Blue Cookies Close-up Blue Cookies 2.jpg
    Double Tangie Banana 50 gallon
    DTB 2.jpg
    ACDC Clone in 1 gallon
    Clementine Clone in 1 gallon
    Pineapple Express Clone in 1 gallon
    Pineapple Express.jpg
  6. Update from today. Looks like everything but the pineapple express might pull through. Haven't watered since Tuesday.

    Double Tangie Banana 50 gallon
    ACDC 1 Gallon
    Clementine Clone 1 Gallon
    Pineapple Express 1 Gallon
    Blueberry Cookies 150 Gallon
  7. All of your plant clones that make it are going to be huge.
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  8. if you have gnats add more dry mulch, as much as can go in the pot. it doesnt have to be rice hulls though, you can use dry leaves, tree bark, straw or even wood chips.
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  9. I am completely confused by this thread.

    Are you prolonging the veg cycle with artificial lighting?

    If not, those plants will begin to flower shortly, if they haven't already. This is a far greater problem than having some fungus gnats around.

    Yellow stickies will help keep the population down. Unless I'm working with tiny seedlings, fungus gnats are really just an annoyance and not much of a threat.
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  10. I'm attempting to prolong with artificial lighting.
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