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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Picks, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. I only grow inside but have been considering throwing a clone or two out in my backyard for flowering. Inside I'm able to control the light cycle and force flowering so it's pretty easy to time things. In general most plants I run finish two months after flowering is introduced. If I threw a few plants outside would the same concepts apply? How do people force flower outside? Does anyone here do this? Most journals I read and threads mainly seem dedicated to one year long grow. It'd be nice to have some outdoor free light ;)
  2. They will finish around October early nov
  3. So I guess I'll give it a try maybe throw one outdoors ...if u say mid nov. Let's see two months prior so mid sept. Then that should put it right at two months.
  4. I would veg them for a few weeks before putting them out to increase yeild
  5. It depends on your grow zone. Once the days drop below 12 hrs outdoors, any variety excluding an extreme sativa dominant type will go into overdrive to finish. If ou put them out now you'd probly have a few good weeks of veggage 1st.
  6. I'll wait then I do a perpetual grow style... And I always usually have a few plants that won't fit into my flowering room so they would be good candidates for outdoor lol I usually just give away my spare teenagers.
  7. Anyone ever try force flowering outside?
  8. 4 clones that I have outside are from a clinic that had them on a 24/0 schedule and I'm a noob outdoor grower, so all 4 are in flower right now. I should have adjusted their light cycle indoors for a couple weeks, now I know.
  9. Nice hopefully mine go straight into flowering. I'd like to get a few started outdoors soon as possible.
  10. You dont force anything. Im currently in the flowering cycle (Northeast USA) and have been since early August. Flowering lasts around 6-10 weeks depending on strain and conditions.
  11. Lildeej where in upstate? I'm in the area and mine has been flowering since mid august.
  12. Actually you can force a plant to flower by placing it in a dark place lets say around 8pm and bringing it out at 8am everyday.

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