Outdoor crop In jepardy of total destuctIon DEER ARE HUNGRY any deterrents?

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  1. I've been taken care of this field i have all season long (canada midwest) and all of a sudden i went to check on my beuties and half of them are half eaten and my dankest sativa that was just a few weeks from harvest with at least over a lb of dry goods on it was completly eaten. i went back the next day with coyote urine granuales and coverd the surrounding area and put up a 3' fence. the most intresting part is one of the plants is over 6' tall and some how a DEER ate ONLY the TOP KOLA ( Crown ) nug like it was tauntin me??? can deer stand AND balance on their hind legs or can they reach there heads that high? this has sorta got me spooked because i know that its almost impossible for any human to get to my field. any suggestions on this matter?

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  2. Man that sucks, set up a hunting tower and camp out for a few days, blast them fools if the ycome bakc. And it is possible for deers to reach that high, they can stand on thier rear legs for a short period of time.
  3. piss around your plants the deer will smell you and not go near em.

    thats weird though, deer usually stay away from the large plants they usually only eat em when they are small. my smallest one got eaten when it was like a foot tall. they left no leaves at all just the stems
  4. Get Liquid Fence. Check out my thread below--I discuss the deer situation in my back 40 several times. Anyway, the stuff works--just don't spray it on your plants for godssake.
  5. Oh Yeah deer can stand on thier hind legs and munch on overhead vegetation. I have witnessed this first hand while out whitetail hunting. They can "stand" for several minutes at a time while munching away. Pretty awesome to see it first hand, especially when only a few yards away... BTW as big as the deer get up in Canada they can virtually walk over a 3 foot fence and when standing on hind legs can reach upwards of 6 to 8 feet high. The coyote urine is a good idea plus using your own urine can help as well. I have heard that deer hate the smell of Irish Spring (original scent) body bar soap. Cut it up in thick slices and hang it on brush close to your plot.
  6. Shoot them. I adore venison.
  7. I've had a lot of expierance with keeping deer away. I wont bore you with the details,it wasnt for plants though. I found only one thing works 100%. Random human NOISE, played all night. It dont have to be loud. Just loud enough so they think someone is there. Sorry bout your misfortune. You spray all kinds of liquids & sprinkle all kinds of Vodoo shit around your area. Nothin will stop hungry deer
  8. I'm in partial agreement. Thing is, deer prefer to eat things that they are familiar with. If there is lots of greenery in the area, sometimes it is unnecessary to use anything to keep them away. I know of lots and lots and lots of growers who have never used a thing to keep deer at bay. But Harry (Harry Balzonya LMFAO) is right. If the deer are really hungry they will eat anything--hunger is a powerful stimulus.
  9. thanks alot fellas the help has been much appreciated i will return the gift of knowlegde in time.
  10. all that silly stuff just doesnt work...yes the chemicals you can buy will some what take care of the deer but at a cost, to pee around the plants will help for a few hours maybe cause the scent will go away, the noise thing will work for deer that are unfamiliar with humans or do not come in contact with humans often but most deer are. fences for deer are now recommended to be 7 ft tall and two layers a foot apart aka expensive. so the best remedy so far seems to be human hair. the odor that an animal smells is most potent and lasts the longest in human hair. yu are on your own to find your hair supply.good luck.
  11. Hair doesn't work either--not for long. Scent fades when it is out in the weather. But everything that has been mentioned here so far actually does work for varying periods of time. I just read a report on a recent study that was done on this subject by some agricultural research group. I'm going to try to find it and post it here. I was surprised to find that soap was as effective as any of the products like Deer-Away and Liquid Fence.
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    Your hairdresser will be only too happy to let you sweep his floor and take it away.

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