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Outdoor Camouflage Plants

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Still Smokin, Jul 10, 2006.

  1. I just began growing outdoors on my patio, they are already growing nicely (about 5 inches in height) and look healthy, but I need some camouflage so I can evade the evil doers and thieves. What are some good plants/flowers I can pick up at my local lowes/home depot that will blend in nicely with my MJ? (PS- The MJ is in clay pot - not the ground). Any help would be great! :smoking: Respek..
  2. Lmfao, when i read the title i thought it said "outdoor camouflage pants" hahaha..

    Not sure, dude.
  3. Tomatoe plants........

    1 tomatoe to 1 marijuana...
  4. Hey there one thing i did last year for my patio buds was i went out and bout some fake flowers i took the flowers and places them all around my plants makes them look like just regular plants it worked well i wish i had a picture to post of it but i dont. give it a try i had some neighbours i did not trust and i ended up harvesting all my plants. the year before neighbours hopped my fence and stole my plants. good luck.cheers
  5. LOL +rep for making me laugh :D

    Yea, i'd use tomato plants, they'd do just nicely

  6. Ehhh.... Tomatoe plants are good, until your plants bud.... and one plant tomatoe, one plant bud....
  7. dunno, my friend has 4 5'' tall plant in his back yard, right next to the fence. people don't notice as much as you think.
  8. i guess a few more ideas.

    a small hashplant only gets 3ft tall anyhow. that isnt so noticeable from the road from 20 yards away.

    i dig holes a plant every year in them. i can get 4ft plants and u couldnt see them if u tried from 30ft away. from the air is a diff story but my understanding is they cannot randomly scan land without a search warrant. and if they have search warrant, ur screwed anyway u are growing.

    im a 'plant' kinda guy. there are alot of us out there that infact DO know what most plants are and DO look at ppls landscaping. u have to remember that most ppl landscape not only for them selves but for the eye candy for their 'neighbors'. they are almost drawing u in for inspection. so a terra cotta pot, sitting there with a strange looking plant maybe more noticeable than shoving it into ur back yard full of weeds hidden from the road.
  9. me too! hahaha
  10. i read about tying fake flowers to the plants but what could u tie it to i really just cant see this happening since the MJ leaves will still be there, unless u get alot of fake flowers or something.. some one please fill me in
  11. NO! MJ doesn't like pine needles and most types of bark!
  12. aren't pine needles really acidic I know that pine trees grow best in soil with a lower ph.
  13. Thank you all for the feedback. Cant wait till i can smoke the fruits of my labor.

    Ya'll keep chiefin like an indian.. Respek :smoking:
  14. yes pine needles are acidic and will turn a piece of decent soil into a sandy pH of 5. absoultely true. but that is over years, not one or even 5 growing season.

    but remember that soils can differ hugely to begin with. in a 30 mile radius of my business, we go from sand to clay to high pH 8.5 soils and water to low pH bogs of 4.7 where the blueberries grow. so one must not take anything for granted whilst planting plants.

    personally, i veg my plants to about july 1st in 5gal buckets. then i plant them in pre dug holes that are lower than normal soil level. my 'growing' soil is a promix soilless. i then put in the huge root system and backfill with 50% natural soil and 50% promix mix. so by the time the plant finds pure natural soil, its sept and they are ready to feed me. my natural soil is a sandy pine tree mix with a low pH and rocky. certainly many pines and other conifers look very simular to MJ from a distance and a row of 10 x 4ft planted pinetrees + 2 MJ plants are hard to distinguish. sure @ 10ft its easy to distinguish anything. but from a distance, the random conifer tree breaks up the view and is good camouflage. so are many other native plants.

    im not sure what u are getting at about the bark part tho? bark is an excelent additive to soil. there isnt many native soils that wont benefit from adding bark. bark is alleopathic to seeds so dont use it in ur seedling mix. http://www.cahe.nmsu.edu/CES/yard/2002/120702.html
  15. hey i was reading that 'yahooka forum'. ive never been there before. its quite simular to the city, eh?

    anyhow i was reading that 'Sureshot' guy. he pretty much said the same things that i did. hide em in nettle. but be warned that its not fun stuff to be around, hence the beauty of hiding in it. even deer dont browse it. and it usually grows in big clumps.
  16. grrrrrr......so heres the problem ---> tomato plants are out of season here in south florida and NOBODY is selling them. whats my next best bet? i actually saw a plant for sale at lowes yesterday (fairly cheap) that had leaves almost identical to MJ and the flowers of this plant are white and grow generally from the middle of the plant and the flower had a pretty stank smell as well - i wish i could have remembed the name but i dont...maybe ill pik up a few of em?
  17. You also don't want a plant that LOOKS identicle to MJ cuz then what have u accomplished? Someone will see it and think is that MJ then upon closer examination nope but the one hidden behind it is. That would actually be pretty funny.

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