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    So 'this is my first grow journal last year was a sucess never made a journal about it tho so i thought id maje 1 about this one


    Started germination at 4:20 on the 29th of september all popped on the first of october all sprouted on monday exccelent quality genetics

    so the seedlingss are now erxcatly 1 week old i'm going to veg till there as big as i want them as tall as they can grow for an indica

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  2. nice bro keep it updated for us, good luck with it
  3. Great to see other OZ growers here! Bubble Kush sounds the real deal..
  4. Got some bad news, whent to take pictures today but only two are left the other 3 were pulled out by something/someone they pulled literlly the whole thing out right to the end of the root tip so idk how a animal does that? bit depressed... 2 left re planted em cuz they were still there now im going to treat them as clones its worth a shot to see if they will grow new roots these were in my backyard i was planning on growing them there for a bit than moving to final guerilla spot it just pisses me off so much cuz i new these were gunna be some big beutys i wanted to start earlier in the season than i did last year... hopefully i can still achieve that goal.......... so i still got my sensi skkunks, dinafem shark attacks, and ghs ww to germ so im germinating them soon............. im doing everything in the permenant guerilla spot i got neem oil im even goint to put up a fence not only that going to use liquid fence 2 be on the safe side im still going to keep this journal going so keep watching!!!
  5. will even spray paint the stakes for the fence green and the chook mesh green to be even safer..
  6. Dammit!! Kill all the varmits!! I had a raccoon bite my plants off at the base of the stalk, every last one of them, 2 years ago. Pissed me off to no end. And thats it, just bit them off, didn't eat anything!!

    I'm subscribed!
  7. Well i got 1 gws freebie pretty good well on its way but barley growing on my balconany so im moving that to my guerilla spot.... got 1 A.M.S moving that theres two plants two actual bubba kush seedlings that didnt get eaten ... and 3 im trying to root

    Germinating my shark attacks, sensi skunks, and widows now i might even germ the 2 pounders later on after i get everything going smoothly
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    good luck mate il be keeping an eye on this grow, see how your lovely little indica ladies come along.

    i spray painted my posts and wire aswell, make sure you rember to paint the wire when its still in a roll! you can check out my grow as iv just finished setting up alot of fenced sites in the bush. what is a liquid fence some sort of moat or something?
  9. Well its like a scent or something that you spray arround your garden and it will keep rabbits,deer just animals like that out from the scent
  10. *UPDATE*

    My seeds are in germination should crack tommorow also not germinating my skunks till i got these started

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  11. I am not sure what part of OZ you are in, but here at the moment the weather is crazy cold straight of Antartica. Hail even!!

    This time of the year, I get slugs and snails do the most damage to the seedlings. I have already lost the Ultra Cheese, Mystic G and some of the Detroit Velvet. Luckily though, I have got ample supplies of all of my seedstock.

  12. im from nsw somewhere near coffs yeah the weather has been terrible here for spring. for 3 weeks but its finnally cleared up... today is such a beutiful day not a cloud in the sky just really windy tho
  13. yeah iv copped the rainy weather too, somewhere near sydney. its good in that the ground should be really saturated now and at least in my area plants can keep on sucking up the seapage for a while, now the sun just needs do do its bit.
  14. *update*

    i have found two very good spots there full of weeds at the momentt but since its been raining so much they'll easily come out setting up a fence monday bringing bags of potting mix to the patch and my ferts and a box to put my ferts in all that shit heres some pics today was a beautifull day

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  15. I'm sorry to hear about your babies, time to relocate!!

    Good luck, I can't wait to see your new plants. :D
  16. So i've been doing alot of fucking work pulling weeds out cuting tobbaco trees down to let sunlight into my patch the spot gets direct sunlight from sunrise to about 5 in the afternoon and theres no fucking way any1 can stumble across this patch its in the middle of lantana bushes with all this other shit surrounding it but it gets excellent sunlight heres some pics i took not the bst pics cause my cam only takes good ones when its sunny still alota work to do seen alot of snakes already not at my patch but walking to it iv seen already 5 brown snakes that scared the shit outa me

    Also 1 of those spots im not growing at anymore but the other spot i found a lil trail going deeper in and thats were i decided to do it the trail isnt manmade so dont worry and not noticable by helies either

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  17. What you see in the pics is 1 a.m.s freebie and 3 shark attacks that should sprout today and my widows our at home till they sprout... and i got 1 little great white shark im moving there today aswell
  18. my only bubba kush is doing excellent good growth, and my el nino is a female! my shark attacks all sprouted so have my widows 1 shark attack only has 1 cotyledon but its a really big 1 i still think it will grow tho. should have pics tommorow
  19. Looking forward to some pics of the newbies in your grow!

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