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  1. fate is such a trippy idea.

    the idea that no matter what means you use to change the future. they wont work, and the same outcome will occur, because that is what your are suppose to accomplish.
  2. It would be, except for the fact that there is absolutely no evidence that fate exists. However you could refer to fate as "whatever happens to happen".
  3. You know what's trippy? That time-paradox where you can go to the past, but whatever you try, you can't change anything. You try and kill your grandad - the gun jams. You try and rob a store - you get explosive diarrhoea. You try and play the lotto with the winning numbers, and you pay the cashier with the ticket - ridiculous, I know.

    It's insane.
  4. Errm, I guess you could say what ever happens has been fated. I for one like to say that everything that happens was inevitable to do so.
  5. And just to add more trippines to the thread; what if you're dead, and you're entire life is just the split second of life you have left before dying? This is all you're dream. Sleep tight.

  6. What if I will wake up on the coach a kid again, waiting for dad to come home and pass a baseball.
  7. And, what if that's only your dream. Oh the trippiness.

  8. With dependable and almost irrefutable evidence to its contrary.
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    it's not a dream, it's a memory. call it a dream if you will but by your logic we can't really discern between what's a dream and what's reality. what's the difference?

    sure we can say it's a dream but why cleave? it's a possibility we can't refute. what's the purpose?

  10. The neurons fire the same signals for reality and for dreaming.

    There is no way to tell.

    Believe what you want.

  11. What he said. Only watched Jacob's Ladder yesterday - I heard of it before, but I never asked for any details nor did I research any - and it pretty much deals with something like this. Oh how trippy that ending was.

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