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Out of weed

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Canadianeh., Feb 8, 2014.

  1. So I am out of weed and I smoked some stems and surprisingly I got a little high of it and am in a giggly mood. Haha I just joined and wondering what you're all up to stoned right now.

    Just read a thread about a guys hairy asshole this site is random.
  2. i really hope you're joking about smoking a bunch of stems…

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  3. yeah dude every part of the plant has a little thc. ive tried every part when i run out lol
  4. Can you not smoke stems? I heard of people grinding them up and smoking
  5. idk man you can it's just kinda a desperate thing. I should tell you not to do it man, do what you want

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  6. Shouldn't*

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  7. Haha why so many people do
  8. haha brah
    i smoke the bag whenever im out
    shit gets me laked
  9. Hahaha you smoke the bag fuck lots of thc in there
  10. im just sipping on this syrup, not real sure whats in it but its got me feeling pretty good, gonna have a few billies and  tinnies soon with a few mates. 
  11. What's tinnies?
  12. Haha ive smoked stems before, but it never got me high or any bad effects.
  13. Resin>Stems
  14. I smoke the dirt i grew it in
  15. I would never smoke the stems. 
    I do chew on the stems when im packing bowls/rolling up one.
    Chewing on it can release THC.
  16. But chewing on it doesn't activate the thc, you need fat for that. You end up just tasting it and getting no effect from it.

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  17. when I was young*er and broke, I use to smoke the stems. It gave me headaches <_<
  18. Yeah that's kinda gross lmao, if you're getting high off stems then you need to try my shit because it will put someone like you in another dimension xD
  19. You need heat or time to activate the THC and other cannabinoids into their psychoactive counterparts.

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  20. when i run out i just sit down and wish i had more haha

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