out of school!

Discussion in 'General' started by Blaze_It_Up420, May 25, 2006.

  1. Yeahhhhhh 06 baby!!!!! Just got outta high school and I never have to go back!!! Fuck yeah!!!! Well we got out at 9 and im fuckin exhausted but im gonna wake up later and pick up a fat ounce and hit up some parties today!! Fuckin right this is such a great feeling, its a damn shame I smoked my last bowl before school:smoking:
  2. Way to go! I cant believe its been 7yrs since I got out. Oh well, life is good. Its what I made it. Well, anyway, good luck with everything, and welcome to "life". Live it, love it, but whatever you do, do whats best for you.

    p.s. Happy Smoking. Its not just for kids in high school. :bongin:
  3. SAME HERE MOTHA FUCKA. Just drove home today after my last final :hello: 06 blaze it up :bongin:
  4. One more final tomorrow then Graduation on June 3rd and I am done with HS forever! Fuck yah!

    UC Boulder '10 :-D
  5. Umass Dartmouth '10!

    Now the decision, do I pick up a zip of high mids for 130 an ounce, or pick up an ounce of dank for 230

  6. High mids have been keeping me high for cheap so I would say go for that. I know it aint dank but if it's not a huge difference you can save 100 dollars.
  7. Hmm good point, although I usually get dank and only about 1/4thof this ounce will be mine and the rest will be "givin away" to other people
  8. Then go with the dank, you'll smoke that for free at the end of the day...
  9. I still work 5 days a week :rolleyes:
  10. Which I do, I never pay to smoke. I might end up with only $150 in my wallet which would translate into 1/2 of dank($120) or 1 ounce of high mids for ($130)

    Hmm, looking at those prices im definitly starting to think I'm, gonna go for the high mids depending on how they look/smoke.

  11. Lol try to get a sample bowl like a sample packet of perfume.
  12. Haha well I never fuck with mids so I;m gonna make sure they get me high(high tolerence) before I buy it lol.
  13. haha congrats man, i still gotta put up with another year of that bullshit.

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