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Out Of Sate?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by MagillaGorilla, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. First of all I'm an avid smoker, and would like to know if it was possible that a person from VA (Virginia) to be able to get a hold of a medical marijuana card? I'm pretty sure I have one of the million bs reasons (even tho others may need medical marijuana for pain i do not, i like smoking and the way it makes me feel.) so I guess to refine my question, is it possible for an out of states person to travel to a state which medical marijuana is legal and get a card?
  2. Why? It's only good for you if your IN the state you got the recommendation from...

  3. Agreed. Getting a card in one of the thirteen legal states only lets you legally smoke in those states. Plus you have to go through that state's particular laws and paperwork. Its a lot of work in many states, not a lot in others.

    And the reasons are not "bs".. really, people in pain are people in pain. The majority of people that medical marijuana helps are not doing it just for fun.
  4. No you need to be a resident in that stae some states vary from 6 months to 1 year for full residency.
  5. Mercy has your answer, you must be a state resident and have state ID to get the rec.
  6. no i will say that many of the reasons are not "bs" but they don't make it hard for people to get them. that being said some are completely "bs" to the point and and i will agree the having head aches sucks, but not a reason to go get a $200 medical marijuana lisc. when a 4 dollar thing of advil is ate the riteaid down the street.

    and thanks, that answers the second question I was going to have.

    On a side note, do you need to have a medical marijuana card if you were going to own/run a dispencery?
  7. One of the reasons I got my medical card was because I suffer from chronic migraine headaches. I take medication to prevent them every night, but this does not stop me from getting 2-5 migraines a week that make me essentially uncapable of normal daily activities (school, work, etc). Advil may take a bit of the edge off the migraine, but it will not be cured until I lay down and sleep.

    Now as for the MMJ, when vaporized it helps my migraines a great deal. And when paired with advil it keeps the migraine away.

    As for your second question, I don't believe you need a MMJ card to run a dispensary but there are many many legal things and paperwork you will have to go through.
  8. Every single club owner that I know is also a patient, works better that way. I do know there are a few volunteers that are not patients - believe it or not, they don't use MJ at all, that's the only way they would be allowed to work without being a patient. Too much at stake.

    And COME ON have some common sense willya? Of COURSE you cannot get an MMJ recommendation unless you're a resident of a MMJ state.

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