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out of curiosity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by deepthought, May 31, 2009.

  1. :confused:im sure a lot of u on here are around age 18, like me. i have been toking for quite some time now. I live in minnesota and the weed is really expensive here. I pay 30 for a 1.8g half eighth 60 an eighth. Now don't get me wrong, its good shit, very fluffy, green and sticky, but im kind of torn man. my dad's buddy is a pothead in his 50's and he buys for 150 an ounce. compare that to what the kids sell and its insane. 150 an ounce, or 480 an ounce? huge difference. sorry for the long ass post lol. he tells me that the kids are just rippin people off. he says the only difference between his semi dry compressed stuff and my fluffy sticky stuff is that his isn't domestic grown. its mass harvested and compressed. he says there isn't much difference in thc concentration. i find that sort of hard to believe because there are so many more crystals and trichsomes(hairs) on mine. i feel like i have noticed a longer duration of high with the beautiful stuff though. Do u think kids rip off? What is your input/thoughts? oh also whats your age?
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  3. No, thats normally the price.

    if your Dad's friend, is in his 50's hes probably been what? smoking for at least 20 years i'd assume.

    It would be hard to believe that he doesn't have at least 5 hook-ups, where he can get his bud. VERY cheap.

    but around here, its usually 400 an ounce. maybe less.
  4. kids rip you off sometimes, its comparing good bug to mids/regs, its just wuality and pleasureable smoke, im 18, smoke from your weed may be better than smoke from his weed and may result in a better high
  5. yeah, probably. what do you think about the quality and price factors though?
  6. yeah thats what i was thinkin. half a bowl of his stuff keeps me good for almost an hour. my stuff around maybe 2
  7. You said the old guy is getting brick weed, right? That shit is way cheaper than dank. It sounds like the old guy dunno what he is talking about.

    480 an ounce is a bit much. I just bought an oz of some fire for 280.
  8. Give him 150 and ask him to get an ounce for you and try it out. Maybe in the future if you like it you pay him like 170 so he can keep some pocket change so he wont get bored of running around after you getting your bud? idk just an idea
    ALSO i wouldnt say kids rip off nowadays they just maximize there profit
  9. dont fuck with kid dealers.. shoot for the 30+ guys theyre usually cill.. or the kid saving up for college whos always got bud and is there all the time and just a mellow kid till he gets into med skool u know? idk haha read that first timers guide to pot dealers or w.e
  10. sounds like ur dads friend is prob getting mids whereas you are getting better quality stuff
  11. once you've smoked dank for any extended period of time, nothing else will satisfy....
  12. is that true, guys? u grow accustomed to it that badly? what if its just occasional/weekend smoking? would it still build a tolerance?
  13. take a tbreak and smoking dirt may be enjoyable, if your tolerance is high enough smoking a bowl of some dank buds might not effect you, weekend toking wont really build a tolerance, you'd have to smoke several times every day or almost every day for a tolerance to get built
  14. longer you smoke the cheaper you get it thats what ive noticed
  15. you should post pics of your dank, and his stuff..

    but yeah, sounds like your paying a bit much, id say 300 is about right but obviously that is a variable depending on location and friends.. hes paying the right price, 150 a zone for mids is about right i think?

    but you are DEF. smoking better quality, tastier, stinkier, greener, stickier, and gets ya HIGHER!:smoking::smoking:

    but yeah
    post PICS!!!!!!
  16. I'm from Minnesota too, dude. And this is the average price for good shit.

    Keep on paying what you pay. Don't pay too much over 60 for danks tho. Unless its like, the dopest dope.

    Hit me up if you have any more questions. As a fellow Minnesotan, I'd gladly help.
  17. sounds like that old man cant handle his shit :)
  18. domestically grown weed is always better because it gets to you faster, so it doesent have as much time to dry out, etc.

    but 150 an ounce of imported sounds about right. also known as mids. itll get you high but tastes bad and less THC.

    around chicago i can get an ounce of some OG kush or GDP for 300, but thats just because i have some good hookups
  19. Sounds like you have just been getting good bud, If you want quanity get some mids connects
  20. ya dude it sounds like it a littlle overpriced but it really depends oon where you liv and what is available in your area at the time. I get an o of dank for 200 but i also live in cali

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