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Out of body feeling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gingerboi, Jul 24, 2017.

  1. So I'm pretty new to weed and have only smoked about 10 times, my first few times were pretty uneventful and I felt nothing more than a buzz. Then I tried some GG#4 at a party and got super high, I was feeling good chilling in a hot tub with a couple of ladies when suddenly I feel like I'm leaving my body and I break into a full on scream; it only lasted a couple seconds, but it came in waves and I became slightly less panicked each time. A few weeks latter I'm at another party and I smoke a bunch, the same thing happened only I didn't panic this time, however it was still uncomfortable. Has anyone else had this and does it go away as I become a more experienced stoner? Or do you just learn to control it and enjoy it?
  2. What do you mean by out of body experience I've had the feeling like I'm falling just like when you have those dreams but I'm not asleep is that what you mean

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  3. I guess it could be described as a falling feeling, but it more like leaving the world and everything that's happening around for a split second, things sound off, and you just loose all thought and focus.

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  4. When I started smoking I felt like that for a while. Eventually it should mellow down, man. I still get like that from two rips from a bong

    Asian smoker
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  5. if I'm super baked sometimes I start to loose spatial awareness, like I have absolutely no idea where or what anything is around me even if its in my hand or if I'm looking right at it. It's so weird and sometimes I even start to loose vision like everything is dissolving, it looks like I'm staring at a old tv with black and white static lol it's very uncomfortable and I hate it. What I'm saying is everyone's high is slightly different and we all have certain trips that our bodies go on lol. Once your tolerance goes up it will be harder to get to this point of a high, and if you do get there you just have to pass up the next hit and tell yourself it'll go away soon
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  6. Fuck I hate those, they always scare the shit out of me
  7. Close your eyes and ride that High! Enjoy it!!

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