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  1. have any of you had any? I have them every 2-5 weeks... they are really fun. I know they arent dreams, dunno if you guys will believe that they are real but you gotta experience it and you'll know
  2. well i wanna know how much fun you're having so tell us about some of your experiences :)
  3. Only vaguely, i have a few robert bruce books on the matter that teaches you how to have them.
    Your very lucky if you can project without much hassle, and why dont you share a few of those experiences?
  4. haha ok, they usually start off when I go back to sleep after waking up at around like 7AM, I'm asleep but I'm still consciously aware of myself.. It feels like I'm awake. Sometimes I have to try harder to pull myself out of my body but sometimes I'm just floating above myself (yeah its weird).

    I usually think of someone or some place I want to go, it takes alot of concentration and I'm not a spiritual master or anything so sometimes I wake up or sometimes it turns into a dream.. But the times that I am most lucid I zoom off to where-ever. Once I was at a house floating by the window and I saw a girl (my current girlfriend, I hadn't met her before).. Then I started losing concentration and was being pulled back to my body

    Other times I go to a completely different reality, I once asked to be removed of all my fears.. I was instantly transported to complete blackness and I was falling.. I was terrified but then I remembered I could just float so I stopped myself from falling and thought of going back to my body and then woke up.
  5. sounds really interesting, have you always been able to project or did you have to learn?
    p.s you should check out astraldynamics.com or read up on robert bruce if you havnt heard of them already, it may help/improve your oobe's.
  6. I've read like 2-3 books on it and talked to my uncle whos been studying soul travel for around 30 years. My gf also astral projects and we talk about our OBE's :p
  7. Actually, everybody has out of body experiences while sleeping, they have measured the brainwaves of people who have OBE's, and they match up with people when they are sleeping. Check this .

    Problem is, they are very hard to remember and for your brain to process.

    Try this out too
  8. I've had an out of body experience before, it was very brief... i've never had conscious memory of doing anything like you've done.
  9. I haven't had a lot of time to work on trying to OBE, but I need to start again. I've only had 2 OBEs, one accidental. I would love to be able to leave at will. That would be an experience! I just want to travel through the cosmos and see them firsthand.
  10. When I have something similar to an OBE, I always travel through a tunnel. The longer the trip through the tunnel usually the more "real" it becomes. The strange thing is that the tunnel is different sometimes. Once it was lit up with brilliant colors spiraling with LED looking lights moving the same spiral pattern. Another one was very winding, filled with water so I had to swim (didn't have to breathe). Another one that I can remember is one where I had to fly through a series of portals. The "worst" one was just falling straight down through one. The other side is always a parallel to my life. Things, people, and places are recognizable, but they have vast differences.

    I'm not really sure if these are OBE's or lucid dreaming.
  11. Its common for people to go through tunnels after they leave their bodies
  12. yo illuminate, that sounds very awesome. You mentioned reading several books on astral projection. Is there one book in particular that you would recommend to someone that wanted to learn?
  13. I've had that once so far, and I've only been toking for half a year.

    I felt spatially orientated, but I could look into my past lives, and once in a few minutes, I would ask myself "who am I?"
    Never will I forget that moment. And that's why I've been on a quest to find out more about my past lives and future lives.

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