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  1. About a month ago i went to my friends country house for a weekend. It was me and maybe ten other kids. The last night i was there me and three of my friends all smoked at night under the gorgeous night sky. I'll never forget the thousands of stars in the black sky, how they shined so brilliantly. I was also slightly drunk that night aswell. My friend rolled an amazing joint, and we started to smoke. I took maybe three hits, but this time around i did it a bit differently. I have been smoking for about a year and a half, and i always take these "pussy" hits. These hits would always get me slightly high very chilled out and mellow and giggly. But this time around i took three very intense hits. I held it in until my throat started to almost burn, then i let the smoke out and started to cough. After the last hit i couldnt smoke anymore, i felt woozy and almost sick i fell down on the ground. I'm not sure if it was so dark out that night, but those breif ten seconds my friends helped me into the house i couldnt see or breathe. It was very scary. I went upstairs to the bed i was sleeping on that weekend and i stayed there for three hours. During those three hours i had the most amazing experience of my life. I felt like i was going on journeys in my mind, exploring and maxing out the potential of my body and my brain. My eyes were closed the whole time and my friends thought i was asleep but i was very much awake. It was the happiest and safest feeling i have ever had in my life. It wasnt like being "high" or "stoned" but it was something different something i can never fully describe, it was an out of body experience. My friends came up the stairs periodically and checked up on me, i decided to sort of "entertain" them in my own way, almost giving them a taste of what i was capable of feeling and doing in this state. I started to rap for about ten minutes straight, not sure why i ont even like rap, and them i performed this long monologue as the king of englnd for some reason if i were in a play. My friends were hysterically laughing with me the whole time. As i walked down the stairs to watch the rest of the Neverending Story with my friends I noticed that they were not that high at all, so i dont think that the weed we smoked was laced. I went to sleep that night feeling perfect, and i awoke in the morning vaguely remebering what happened the previous night. Only my friends could describe to me what i was like: "you were on another world man." A couple weeks later I smoked again on the 4th of July, this night i was also slightly drunk. We smoked and went to the east river (i live in new york city) and watched the fireworks. I had the same experience as the last time. I was pretending i was in the American revolution seeing the fireworks as bombs exploding in and shimmering in the beautiful nightsky. I was not scared, but happy like the previous time i smoked. Even when me and my friends went to a dinert that night i still found ways to "entertain" myself. I just closed my eyes and let my mind unfold and i was having the exact same out of body experience as the last time i smoked. The next time i smoked i went to a concert before i met up with some friends to light up. I was again slightly drunk but sobering up. We smoked in central park and chilled in the streets. Again i had this amazing feeling again of happiness overwhelming my body. I felt like i was floating away like everytime i moved the ground was shaking, and when i closed my eyes i began to dream and explore through my mind once again.

    That was the last time i smoked it has been a couple weeks since then. I cant figure out what happens to me when i smoke. I do love the feeling and emotions evoked when i smoke weed now, but its something hard to handle, like a power too intense to be wasted or corrupted. Im not sure how to handle this, to keep smoking and maybe it will dull down or take a break and wait. I do love smoking weed ever since i started but now its something different. Weed has become more than something to do on a saturday night or something to do to chillout with your friends and have a good time. It has become something much more serious and "difficult" to handle. During these experiences i have been in fairly safe places, a house in the country, watching the fireworks with my friends, and in the park chilling with my friends. But what if i do something stupid when i am stoned the next time i smoke and i run into a car or something ridiculous like that. If i can feel this out of body experince every time it would be fantastic but i cant handle doing it every time i smoke, it really takes a tole on my mind and brain. The last time i smoked i had to go to work then next day and i was still completely stoned. I tried to talk to my friends about it but i cant because they realy cant relate to this feeling. Im not sure if a lot of people understand this specific feeling, this incredible sensation, this out of body experience, but if anyone could relate to this story or provide some help it would really be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Welcome to the plane of endorphin induced awareness, you sound like your cannabinol receptors are working just fine! If the bliss is more than you want, then simply watch how much you take in, especially drinking in conjunction with the smoke, that combo actually gets lethal sometimes. If you have a low tolerance, only you will be able to know for sure. The other worldly feelings you describe are autonomic nerve endings, feeling relaxed more so than normal, becoming slightly depressurized. It's a tranquilizer for some people, you may be one of them. Try to stay in safe environments when you consume, you'll be fine.
  3. Well, I wouldn't recommend drinking before you smoke at such a low tolerance.

    If your not smoking often, your tolerance is gonna be extremely low, and then when you DO smoke again, your body doesn't need much and its almost like your first high all over again.

    Try pickin up a sac, and start smoking by yourself for a bit, smoke a bowl (dont even have to smoke a whole bowl, just take a couple hits and relax). Start working on getting used to the feeling and just giving in to the relaxation... your not going to run in front of a car just because your on cannabis, its not PCP or some shit.

    I honestly don't suggest smokin with your friends for a bit. Get more in control first, I tend to easily be more relaxed when I smoke alone. Hop on your computer, put on your favorite relaxing songs, and chill out on GC... If you have any problems, just ask on here as you are doing now, and you will be quickly on your way to becoming a vet.
  4. Well if you don't want one of those out of body experiences, try to avoid smoking alone when you don't want one. When you are alone you are more attuned to the thoughts in your head and not external stimuli. Smoking with friends or keeping yourself occupied with funny movies, conversation with friends, a nice walk, or even a drive is the best thing to do. I can normally control the out of body experiences and limit them to when i blaze by myself.
  5. I've had the exact same experience. Except it sounds like you embraced it and had a good time; I didn't. And it happens everytime I smoke now too. In fact, it feels like I'm out of my mind when I'm sober too. All my thoughts are slowed down and I feel in-touch with my subconcious. But, not entirely in-touch, because I can't handle it. I probably sound blazed as hell, but I'm sober right now.
    -So out of my mind I didn't even realize the date of this post

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