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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by EmoKid, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. Ok me and my friend want to start growing for money reasons. I just have a few questons because we dont know t much about this. It will be outside. So how should we plant it? just throw some seeds into the ground and water them everyday? any advice would be helpful
  2. is it really hot were u live if it is u might think about indoor growing.peace
  3. I dont know what your stance is of the possibilities of getting caught. But you should get the best weed you know of,and plant it pointy end towards the surface. Once planted in about 3inches of good soil,watter until water is saturated,then keep watering. don't water when it rains or the soil fails a perk test(making a small hole and if no water seeps into the ground its amount of water is good). If theres a good possibiliy of getting caught,then you should plant them in or near a field that runs along a forest,for best cover. Also put a nylon breathable material over the sprouts,this keeps out the bugs and keeps a the tempature up 5 to 8 degrees warmer.it can also be watered thru the nylon.
  4. Theres somthing else,that i wasnt sure if i should let out,because its a close secret. if you want BIG CHOICE high THC bud then with the water use pig blood and bone coral(you can find these at a local farming store) the weed responds very well to it, and will produce high amounts of THC and resin also never plant the seeds closer than 3 feet together,and try and get all other plants out of its radium,and do everything to give therm more nutrients,not just water

    happy growing =)

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