Our Understanding Of Cannabanoids And How They Effect Us.

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    Hey guys. Do you think that it's possible that certain cannabanoids create the introspective style of high vs the more "external perception" type (where you notice cool new noises in a song that you hadn't sober or taking in the beauty of nature a new way). There is so much we haven't learned about this plant but we do know that differences in physical/mental states, as a result of consumption, relate to specific chemicals in the cannabis. 
    Please don't just say Indica or Sativa because of the basic differences that we all know. I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced a particular strain that was relevant to the idea. Or, thoughts on if it's possible that certain chemicals are the reason vs. how much you smoke?

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    Cannabis contains a lot of different cannabinoids, of which only a few have been studied in depth. Nobody knows exactly which cannabinoid does what, but it's been fairly well proven that all the cannabinoids combined creates a compound which is far more effective than any single cannabinoid. Especially the ratio between the cannabinoids has a huge impact on how it affects you.
    Back in the day it was all about the THC, strains were breed to produce higher THC levels which probably meant that we suppressed some of the other cannabinoids along the way. In the more recent years the more CBD heavy strains have been getting a lot of attention for the potential medical use.
    I however still think we're somewhat in the dark when it comes to our cannabis-know how.
    But to answer your question, Yes, I absolutely think it's possible that the ratio of cannabinoids has a huge impact on which type of high you end up getting. It's fairly easy to prove really. Take a piece of bud - chop it in half - smoke one half and document the effects, now leave the other bud part in your windowsill for a month and you'll notice the effects immediately(after toking). The reason is because light breaks down THC to CBN really fast. A CBN heavy bud will be rather disgusting to smoke and the high will be horrible (At least to my taste).
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    I really don't think that the reson why your bud is terrible in that experiment is because of the CBN.
    CBN has medicinal properties as well. If properly stored over the course of several months the CBN will start to flourish and nothing about it is horrible. It eve has antibiotic properties which I think is really cool!
    CBN also provides a "fucked up" feeling rather than "high". Much better for recreation IMO.
  4. True, but in terms of chemistry the THC still converts and it results in a completely different high, which answers OPs question :D
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    I've read African landrace strains are hgh in CBN like somolian and durban. It hits you like BING BANG BONG. Then takes you on a roller coaster ride within 3 minutes.
    Alaskan Ice...Wow Me and everyone i smoked with got a racey roller coast high at first, then BOOM. STONED before you even know it!
    Jillybean ( Orange skunk x Romulan x cindy 99) The kind i tried smelt like potent orange kool aid. Was not overpowering by anymeans and made me LOVE sitting on your butt and chill music like acoustic guitar songs.
    A strain called purps (wasn't purple but really ghostey? Idk grey) Made me feel sluggish and skiddish in the body, and SUPER SLEEPY about an hour later. Like I loved laying down and sleeping.
    Maui Waui smelled like tropical fruits, and was chill weed. I would just chill in my back yard and watch the sunrise and animals. great wake and bake.
    Blue dream (Blueberry x Haze) smelt like blueberry pie and gave me a similar effect to the purps but not as strong in the body, made things more euforic, and I felt like i had on a headband alot!
    Orange Kush (Orange bud x OG kush ) Tasted like oranges acourse, VERY POTENT body/head high, not my favorite because im not a fan of OG's, just to powerful of a kick it was.
    An unknown blue sparkly bud gave me my favorite effectsto date though, A body buzz that makess you sit back and enjoy the view :)
  6. Weed to me is just that.
    First I have to think why I'm smoking it and why I would be affected by it.

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