Our prayers and thoughts influence our reality

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  1. Saw this on the movie 'what the bleep so we know'

    That our prayers and thoughts can influence the crystalline structures of water when frozen, as carried out in an experiment by Dr Emoto.
    If the human body is 75% water, can we influence our bodies or realities using prayer and words?

    Check the experiment out here
  2. That's why I'm asking if its bullshit hence my question at the bottom. Not trying to push any claims
  3. I've seen the movie. That's about all I have to say about this.
  4. Yeah the whole movie lost credibility when I rewinded back to the Columbus boats and Indians not seeing what they don't know. Stupid really. And I just researched how dr Emoto chose the crystals as supposed to a double blind test. But wouldn't it be cool if our minds could influence reality?
  5. They do, as long as our minds influence the choices we make.
  6. This is groundbreaking, tell it to all those kids in Africa. They need to know this shit ASAP.
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    If our thoughts didn't influence reality, that would be weird. That's not, necessarily, to say that they do so physically and/or directly.
  8. Yes, the way we think has a lot more effect on those around us than we realise. What is going on inside directly relates to how we interact with others. So if we're thinking negatively, or in a bad mood, we can easily pass this on in a kind of infectious way. Whereas thinking positively, being loving, or as I sometimes call it, resonating at a higher frequency (for those who just love the ol' new age terms), changes the energy we put out, and creates what is basically a feeling of inclusion and unity rather than a separating one.

    How we see the world is our reality, and we see the world differently depending on how we feel. One set of circumstances can have very different meanings, so in that sense, we do influence reality, and our perception of it, all the time.
  9. the water being influenced by emotions or whatever was debunked.
    sorry, i know, i wish it was true to.
  10. one of the greatest things we can do is take claim responsibility for all the events that occur in our life (this is not logical and will be met with resistance by the mind) but we have to understand that is only the left hemisphere of our brain

    if you consistently tell yourself "i created that" to both situations that we label as "bad" or "good" you begin to take on a new power and are no longer subject to being at the whim of an external reality.

    our thoughts are the manifestation of our perception and our perception alter the way particles react.. this is proven by quantum physics and the experiment with water above.

    our thoughts(and even more so our beliefs) do in fact influence reality

    we can always switch our thoughts, but the weight of the influence lies in believing these new thoughts.

    i can tell myself i am confident when approaching strangers over and over but what good does that do if i dont believe that.

    this is why meditation is so beneficial. when you quiet your mind and toss a subject onto the minds spotlight you can start to understand how you feel about that subject. what you get is a reflection. your emotion is the perception you are experiencing, and that perception causes outer reality to alter itself to reflect back at you your vibration.

    so if i have approach anxiety, walk up to someone, try to talk to them, the outcome will likely reflect at me the belief that gave me approach anxiety in the first place

    your beliefs, thoughts and perceptions are always creating your reality. if you dont believe this, than you probably dont know what youre manifesting. and life will likely seem to be an existence of random occurances
  11. If this were really true, then "holy" people wouldn't get cancer and other life threatening diseases...be realistic!

    The TRUTH is that there are some things you cannot control in this existence, You can never have 100% complete control over your experience. Some things are predisposed, genetic and inherited so that no amount of positive thoughts and prayers are going to change your circumstance.

    I can never grow a 10 ft tall Autoflowering plant, no matter how hard I pray, meditate, or send it good thoughts. The reality is that the genetics of this plant predisposed it to a short stature and short life cycle.

    I dont mean to go on a tangent, but its bull crap to say we control our experience, when we only have control over a small amount of our experience, and everything else is outside of our control/power. We are all victims of our genetic predisposition, and have very little control over many things in our experience.

  12. well this depends on their level of consciousness and how their beliefs reflect back reality to them.. just because somebody is a 'holy' doesnt mean they understand this.. look at all those pseudo-christians that are always judging others..

    true, we dont control every aspect. but we can control how we CHOOSE to see reality. our perception is everything. Sure, i didnt choose this body. but i can choose what i want to do with it. how i use, create, and interact with others. what else would i want? the first thing is accepting where we are at.

    and um, we can definitely change the conditions where the plant lives. like growing bud. alter the light, play your plants some good music, talk to them. its all stimuli that they respond to. what im talking about is reality though responding to the stimuli of your beliefs. not much different

    im sorry that you believe that because it will surely show in your 'reality'.
    i mean surely some things are outside of us. for example the people we meet and interact with, we have no control over their actions, but i choose to experience a reality of joy and enthusiasm despite their actions. i can simply get up and leave if i dont like what they are doing or i can continue in the space and not let their words influence me.. this is PURE ACCEPTANCE of the moment

    this isnt anything mystical
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    The higher we resonate at, the more we alter our frequency, raise our consciousness, become more aware, the more we see how we not only control far more of our experience than we realised, but how we do so and how to make use of it.

    First comes acceptance of what is. That's not a defeatist stance, merely a reflection of rather than a resistance to what is happening. Then from that state of being, we can begin to change things according to how we imagine things should be, but WITHOUT expecting any particular result. This is not a mental construct to be thought about from a perspective that does not understand it, this is something that must be EXPERIENCED in the world in order to know what this means.

    Life is about levels, layers, awareness, consciousness. We are limited, or limit ourselves, by the circumstances we are in and the state of mind we look out from as a result of how we think. Changing your mind can change everything. We go up, we go down, we get affected by what happens, we rise above it. How we are denotes what we put out. What we put out denotes what gets reflected back. What gets reflected back reveals what we need to see. How we see changes our awareness - raises our consciousness, and opens up aspects of reality that were previously hidden.

    We cannot experience what we are not already the vibration of. This is why there are many versions of reality. For each person, looking out through their own eyes, the world is as it is. But it is only like this while you look at it this way. As soon as you change the way you look, the world changes to reflect that. The world has not changed - you have. Your perception of it is all there is regardless of what someone else tells you.
  14. I see your point, I do...

    I wont speak on another person's 'level of consciousness' but even if 'holy' people CHOOSE to judge others as sinners - they aren't praying, and meditating on diseases..so theoretically they shouldn't be attracting sickness and disease into their consciousness. But somehow diseases find people who are resonating on high frequencies, as well as low frequencies. And it has nothing to do with passing judgement.

    I get it. I really do.

    But a LOT of things are 'outside' of us. 99% of reality is outside of us. (assuming you are not delusional, are sober, and are of sound mind.) Perception really isn't 'everything'..because the only things that matter (mat-ter) is what manifests in the material (mat-erial) world. Matter | Define Matter at Dictionary.com Regardless of your perception, the only things that truly matter (mat-ter) are things that are real. Changing your perception does not change reality.

    For example, Imaginary money will not pay the bills, so imaginary money doesn't matter. Real money will pay the bills, so real money is what matters. Changing your perception does not change reality. You're just playing word games.

    "Accepting where we are" is not the same as changing our reality..The best we can do is to learn to cope with whatever we are going through, and learn to accept the things we CANNOT change..but this will not change the reality of the situation.
    Sure, you can change the environment as you please, but it will not influence the reality of the autoflowering plant. The reality is that the plant has a genetic predisposition, and even in optimal conditions, the plant will do what it is genetically predisposed to do regardless of your belief... "whatever will be, will be" is the reality.
    And I hope you aren't referring to the mystical, because I am a much more literal person..if you say my beliefs will influence my reality, then I take that literally. I think what you mean to say is :

    "I have physical control over myself, and my environment. I believe in the power of my mind over any matter I am experiencing. I cannot control reality, but I can exhibit self-control in my reality."
  15. I believe while we may not change our external world by a variation of degree, we can take it in and reflect on how it could influence our daily life. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.

    You can choose to be happy by accepting the problems and dealing with it rather than resenting yourself and others for this problem.

    Someone wise once wrote,
    FEAR is

    Forget Everything And Run
    Face Everything And Rise

    Which one would you choose?

    Our reality is influenced by our thoughts, by creating possible futures and events and possibilities.

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