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  1. I'm 22 years old. It's crazy to think that I cant really see much videos of my mothers childhood. My fathers graduation. I can't see much that happened in the past. How lucky is it for this generation (around my age or younger) to know that your children are able to see videos of you as babies. Nice clean videos. Fucking HD sony handy cam videos.

    Even websites like this where we speak and talk. I have no idea what my parents were like during their youth. I guess I'd have to see it in letters but that only shows one side of them. Seeing as people only write letters if its a love letter or a break up or some shit.

    I'm a little jealous that these little bastards get to have a lot of fun. But thats evolution for you. Crazy shit. I wonder what kind of impact this can have.

    If you're reading this, my future child, fuck you!!
  2. Its an interesting point but HD video wont be anything good when we are old and our children are watching videos. More than likely be 3D since thats around the corner already and who knows where to from there.

    Yeah just think of children right now and how they have Ipods and everyone has a cellphone the quality of computers is way better then when we were in elementary school.

    Technology changes fast who knows whats next..
  3. I remember when I had to use my imagination.
  4. My parents have pic's of themselves, not alot, just like 15 or 20 between them both. They have more of them in their teenage years, but that's it.
  5. Yeah my dad was born in the 50s. Barely any pictures. Shit's crazy. I look at my youngest cousin who's 6 or 7? And everybody thinks shes so cute she probably has atleast 5,000 pictures. Shit's crazy. I guess my point is even the generation younger than us will have so many fucking pictures it'll be crazy.
  6. Yeah pics are understandable. But video is much much different than pics. And the reason i said HD is because compared to the videos of me as a child, would look nothing as clear and as good as HD.

    Give 3D ten more years. :p
  7. yep ive only seen a couple pics of my parents in their college years, maybe 1 or 2 of their childhood/teenage years

    i remember even not long ago in the early 90s when i was little we got our first computer and all it had was something like word and a crappy version of microsoft paint, i spent most of my time using my imagination and running around my house pretending it was a castle.

    now my little sisters spend all their time on facebook and texting their friends. even that is a huge difference from my youth and im only 10 years older than them. i can hardly imagine what our kids lives will be like. they will probably think tv is lame and our video games will look like pac man to them. they will probably be playing virtual reality call of duty and having 3d chats with their friends miles/hours/minutes away or something...
  8. one day we'll just be born with computer chips in our brains and we'll constantly record everything.
  9. Yes. All the kids now dont do shit outside with their imagination. We fucking built forts, played hide and seek around our neighborhood. Parks everyday.

    Somethings wrong.
  10. Yeah dude, like, am I still gonna have a Facebook when I have my first kids? Are they going to start their freshman year of high school, add me as a friend, and then see all the pictures of me dating back to when I was their age? And see the links I posted and things my friends and I talked about?

    Well who am I kidding, no child in their right mind adds their parents on Facebook, it's the other way around, but still, that shit's crazy to think about.
  11. Dude fuck yeah. Would play that for hours at a time. You had to be creative, especially if you never went to a new place. Not old enough to say "we had to have imagination to keep us busy." But I was broke enough to have to use my imagination to keep me going day to day.
  12. I blame halo and WoW
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    In a few more years time all kids will be able to stumble upon pictures of their parents genitalia on the internet. So yeah everything has a downside somewhere...

    oh yeah, and they're going to be the most pussified generation of all until the next one comes along and they pussify it further. fucking nanny state PC bullshit. when i hear euphemisms for failure replacing every day discussion to the point where its impossible to say a kid failed or lost at a game, it makes me sick. failure and loss are not only valid ways to build character and experience, they're a fact of life that shouldn't be censored by mental-case parents who can't bear to think they'll fail their kids in some way if they don't deliver a perfect childhood.

    e: please insert $0.50 to continue the ranting.
  14. Agree with above poster.

    The other day I was at CVS and I saw this fat ass kid with his fat ass mom. He was begging her to buy him a bag of Werthers Original, and she was like No youre gonna eat it all right now! And the kid was like "No I wont"

    And im just thinking wow this mom is such a stupid fat bitch and shes passing on her stupidituy to her kid. Then the mom is like you got your shirt all dirty and the kid opens his little crap ass mouth and says "Who cares youre gonna wash it tonight anyawy" like he owns her or some shit.

    What the fuck is wrong with people these days? The mom can't take care of the kid. So the kid becomes boss? WTF. WHY ARE CHILDREN RAISING CHILDREN....


    Theres a test to drive, there should be a test to have a child.
  15. Haha I remember when we got our first computer it was this massive beige gateway. It took like half an hour to log on with the dial-up tone making all the wierd beeping noises. Well, at least it taught me patience.

    In response to some above posts, I frequently walk by this house where the kids are always playing in the yard, like everyday, and it makes me feel better about kids nowdays.
  16. I hate our generation. Technology sucks, I wish it were the 60s :(
  17. yeah its sad, i know a lot of people my age who refuse to do anything with their little siblings, its like they are embarrased to or think its lame, but i think thats a main reason why kids are turning to technology so much to take up all their time, no one wants to spend their time playing with them or keeping them company.

    but whenever my sister (7 years old, big age difference) wants to do something outside or go for a walk and no one wants to i always go,ive even already got her listening to (and liking) some red hot chili peppers and parliament, mgmt etc haha, she already wants to try to play music one day. i try to make what little impact i can to keep her from being like other kids her age, listening to terrible music and being absorbed in television and facebook, hopefully it helps.

    when i have kids im going to make sure they grow up using their imaginations, playing outside, walking through nature, or even just listening to music and dancing etc... theyll probly be little bohemian hippie kids, but i think that wouldnt be a bad thing...
  18. I honestly feel bad for the generation(s) ahead of us. The 90's were good to me. I got to play street football, hide and go seek, catch a girl freak a girl...etc. Now a days none of that shit exist and it's sad to know that the "fun" which I had back in the 90's will no longer exist...

    Ah well, fuck it...I've had my fun.
  19. Lol i read somewhere, probably shitty ass yahoo, that all 2010 graduates and above are gonna be effed over on jobs if they're applying to college.
  20. well looks like im safe by a year :hello:

    however, finding a summer job right now is such a bitch, even bojangles wont hire me...

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