Our first indoor grow..all different strains...

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  1. oh well looks like my "corner" grow area may have already been pollinated...so will get back to u all when hubs gets home to go thru every plant 2night..please please advice on this..i do have a room to utilize if i need to i can move just those and do sum adjusting...

    advice plzz
  2. Getting that nasty pollen out of there is easy. Spray every square inch of surface in there with water, take down mylar, do both sides, I wouldn't take chances. You could pay for it for years if you miss a centimeter. Just water, nothing special. It makes the pollen unable to be airborn, and thusly no longer able to pollinate your girls :) If you really wanted to get serious just mix in a little alcohol or peroxide to attack the living cells... but thats your call, and thats a guess on my part.
  3. okay total 3 plants...isolated to only 1 branch each....i went thru nearly every plant...so i pulled the weenies and hope things will cont. to grow well ;) now i will be checkin daily... lol

  4. major update!!! week 7 hit yesterday...we cut em down...why you ask, possile pollnation and had way to many penis for comfort lol couldnt take the chance...decided to clip em..

    they all are hanging now. got quite a bit..will update pics today..

    it was a sad day to make that decision but it was the best..
    and now we have 10 more new babies to tend to just flipped to 12\12 3 days ago ;) will update that journal soon..

    well cheers and will update pics 2night!!
  5. Sorry! LOL....I grew that one for almost a year before I decided to pull it, only because it was soooo freakin finicky. Clip a leaf wrong and POW banana's..lmfao..seems that way anyways. That and the cure thing, I swear I've never seen a plant that is soooo hard to cure, it's got to be perfect or your screwed..lol. The other side, when she's done right...simply awesome smoke. Just not worth the effort to me.

    I replaced my Cherry with Chocolate Rain. You might look into that strain. It's by Sannie, it's DJ Shorts Chocolope x DNA Cocoa Kush....She's an incredible strain to grow, heavy yielder of dense buds and when cured for over a month her taste is incredible. The high from her is powerful and uplifting and energetic. The wife and I end up getting all sorts of stuff done while laughing and smiling so much our cheeks hurt..lol. The seeds are cheap too...like 40$ US or somewhere around there, or if your ever heading down towards Santa Barbara..hit me up ;)

    Bummer! At least you know where things went wrong and can correct it on the next run! I bomb my room between each run with Pyrethrins as a precaution to pests. Might be over kill, but you see what they can cause! Especially if you are bringing in cuts from dispensaries, etc. You can NEVER trust anyone to give you clean cuts...it happens unintentionally as well. Always isolate and always scrub the room between runs :)

    Happy Friday to you two! [​IMG][​IMG]
  6. Awesome grow guys! everything looked so damn tastey, Esp that blueberry. I really wanna get a DJ Short strain goin in one of my next grows. I kno i wouldnt have let that blueberry cure for 6months after a good bbq myself. lol

    Sorry to hear about the hermies...
  7. helllllllllloooo alllllll !!!! okay...so here is where we are at... gonna post pics in a sec

    all of the plants are taken down and they have been hung...they are ready for jarring today or tomorrow on a couple...

    strawberry cough: i have popcorn buds only on the strawberry cough, very resinous, so we are not hanging her, just have her layed out and all dried already...

    purple voodoo: power!!! this plant stickey icky smokes expansive and heavy high..we loved it for fight night last night lol
    grape ape: super crystals havent smoked her or even touched her at the matter
    pineapple diesel: im dying to smoke her with her dense buds but hubs wants me to stop pickin at them while still hanging lol...

    ATFx2: nice lookin ...havent tried...thought it would yield more tho

    casey jones: nuttin really special to say bout her....she looks like my normal street weed lol...

    cherrys47...well as u know i have 1 thats a hermie and the other we just pulled her down last night lol we let 1 go more than the others ..she needed those extra couple days..
    i made butter and shortening...........hash and "hash oil" all iso method and it came out so damn good, i didnt use alot and got maybe 3 grams of hashoil...my im using buds and leaves and my leaves almost look fuzzy with how many trichs are on it. the rest of the cherry plant is in a jar, becuz still smokes well.........my hash smoked the bomb!!! i never made it before was way way way easy! i made cookies with my butter/shortening had me knocked out lol the other cherry is nice with crystals but again just started drying last night ...

    WW: was used for butter/shortening hash and hash oil...will show u pics of what i have left of those to play with lol was a full hermie!

    blue dream: to me came out like chit lol but hubby said we are fine.. lol she just dont look as good as say pineapple or grape lol...im a lil biased ..and prefer aesthetics lol

    bubbakush/greencandy: the BOMB!!!! in a jar now... just lovely!

    pics will be uploaded in a sec, and i will answer all the questions and comments from a couple days ago that i have missed to catch up and start the new page with our new 10 plants ;)


    The CannabisCouple...

    also we havent weight it out yet.........and i need to buy more jars....
  8. Good to hear all is well. I am looking forward to the picture updates to see how it turned out! I pulled a few of my girls yesterday, what a good feeling :)
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    dang i i tried to upload the last coupLE DAYS IT WOULDNT LET ME!! still wont so i had time to start a photobucket acct. so here are the finished pics...still need dang it to get a scale...apparently hubby will get it tonight... ;)

    then will show u my new grow..they are flowering now...2nd week...and first week on the lil girls..
    first pic is grape ape
    2nd pic casey jones
    3rd purple voodoo
    4th atf both plants
    5th pineapple diesel
    6th blue dream

    will post strawberry cough....cherry ak47..... and bubba kushx candy ....WW is hermie making lollipops today, chocolate
    /hash ones and hard candy lollipops...made hash oil isp method will take next next posting and reg. bubble water hash, i made shortening and made butter for cookies..but working on my lollys now .. wish me luck!! next post in a few .... then u can meet my new babies who are 2weeks and 1 week into flowering..only grape ape and granddaddy purple... take care!

    will post the rest just making sure this works...lol i been having major upload issues lol
  10. again we need to know the weight...getting scale 2night will update ;)

    bubba kush x green candy..still drying
    strawberry cough
    cherry ak both plants still drying.. now most of 1 plant waws hermie...


    k will take pics of my hash oil and the lil bit of hash i got left im making more in a sec ;)
  11. Hey Hey all ...

    Just wanted to finish this thread out with our final dried weight...cuz thats all it comes down too i guess at the end....how much did we end up with..
    well WW was used for cooking and i still have tons to cook with ....... and half of CHERRY AK 47.....

    so final weight for the girls were:

    ATF 43.2 GRAMS

    CHECK OUT MY NEW GROW ;) 2nd and 3rd week of flowering...

    The CannabisCouple
  12. very impressive pull!
  13. Way to go on the harvest!! you yielded great :D What will you ever do with all that good looking bud haha. Glad everything went on without a hitch. My girls were plucked a week or so ago, it feels deserved and oh so sweet!

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