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    Me and my girlfriend are first-time-growers. We planted the seed in Presidents choice black earth soil, in a cut water bottle. The plant is now about a month and a half old. It has been at a window that faces south, with good air ventilation (windows, room fan). The plant is usually watered in the morning at 6-7 o'clock AM before sunrise, and at night. It was re-potted once successfully from the bottle to a larger pot- luckily it continued to grow beautifully. Also there appears to be some sort of "weed" growing next to it.

    Any comments/suggestions would be appreciated, after all, we are amateurs. :pAlso we are concerned about our next steps as to this "weed". We would like to re-pot the plant again (seeing as how the stem is quite small/weak near the base of the plant) so it's stem will be deeper in soil for more support.
    Should we move outdoors or stay indoors in the same location?
    Should we even re-pot? And if we do, should we remove this "weed" or leave it seeing as how it could cause potential danger to nutrient absorption?

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    I don't know much about growing weed, but it looks like that thing is stretching a lot. This is probably due to being indoors on the windowsill. You should move it outside so that it can get more sunlight and so the wind will strengthen its stalk. (All of this info was gathered from reading these forums for the past 8 months or so). Hope this helps!

    Edit: Oh yeah and get rid of that weed right away! If it's not cannabis, you don't want it in your pot!
  3. holy shit that plant is stretching like crazy.

    don't repot it since you jsut recently repotted it, but you should just add more soil to cover up the stem a bit which will also promote root growth and help out with the stretching.

    the problem with ur plant is that it isn't geting *direct sunlight* since its near your window it is trying to stretch to reach the light and it isn't getting enough direct sunlight.

    hope this hellps and hopefully she grows up to be a beutiful girl.
  4. http://forum.grasscity.com/general-outdoor-growing/402400-my-plants.html#post4789632

    take a look at my plant and see the diffrence from a stretching plant and a non stretching one and those pictures were when they were 1 month old and now they are even more beutiful and its only been a month and 1 week

    p.s I'm not trying to make fun of ur plants or anything just trying to show you what direct sunlight does to a plant
  5. your first mistake is growing it inside a clear seethru bottle.
    your not supposed to use anything seethru for growing.
    it exposes the roots to light.
  6. second....what in the world is that retarded onion looking thing coming out of your pot next to your bud plant?? take that shit out !! lol
  7. that's not really true I'm not an expert but I did a lot of research and I've seen threads of people using clear cups to c root growth light doesn't affect the roots since there is no light receptors on them
  8. Alright. I have received your posts so far. The weed mothafucka has been killed. NOW. Should our baby girl be moved outside in the pot? Or re-potted outside? In regards to
    , I'll add more soil on her tomorrow morning. What is my plan of action next? Put the pot ouside with some chicken wire over/around it? And is morning and night watering a good idea- obviously (I believe) if the soil is dry I'll water it to keep her moist. What next?
  9. yes definatly move it outside and wait about a week and you will be amazed at how muc it is growing but be aware that it might flop over since its so tall and it doesn't have really strong roots yet but you should add soil to atleast right under the cotlydon leaves(I have no idea how to spell their names)
  10. thanks alot
  11. Was the seed from a femmed pack?
  12. bro name it somethin girly james is a bad luck name unless you're lookin for a ballsy plant
  13. x2

    plants are kind of like boats, or cars, or thigns of that nature. they always have female names. part of it is a bit of superstition that i you give it a female name, it will end up being a female. it cant hurt!:smoking:

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