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Our Drip system

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by dmbudds, May 18, 2006.

  1. We posted a thread last week in hopes of getting some fresh ideas, but received zero response. So we thought it would be good to post some picks of what we've come up with so far. Keep in mind this technique is still in an experimental phase, but it seems to work consistently in every test we've ran. When set up properly you can let this rig sit and drip for up to approx. 36 hrs. :eek: [​IMG]
  2. Just so every one knows, we found all of this stuff at wal-mart.
  3. iv heard that you want to let your soil dry out between waterings for stronger roots. but cool set up.
  4. If the helicopter comes your way you are in deep doo doo. Too much is just too much. I have always said, "if you have to hand water your patch your messing up."
    JMO Good luck fellas.
  5. yeah well we do let the roots dry out for about a week with out watering then set the drip again. Since the drip is VERY slow they have been doing just fine on that watering schedule. with our current set up we could probably leave them for two weeks. i just wish there was an easier way to fill up a 7 gal jug :eek:
  6. Nice use of the word "doo doo" Southern pride!:D
  7. doo doo.........dooooo dooooo...........dooooooooooo doooooooooooooo!:smoking:

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