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  1. Hello all, we decided to make a new post because we are not using cfls, but an awesome new LED instead. Here are a few pics of what we're dealing with so far..
    6-13 001.jpg
    6-13 002.jpg
    6-13 003.jpg
    6-13 004.jpg

    In a week or two we will hopefully take 4-6 clones and if they thrive we will plant better seeds and do it all again. We have our flower space set up already as well, so we're good to go.

    We will keep all posted. If anyone has questions feel free to ask.. :smoke:
  2. Nice grow and good ideas.. Also I'm a LED supporter :p subbed
  3. Thx for stopping by, LEDs are the way of the future for sure. I can't wait to get this baby booming! :smoke:
  4. whats the speccs of that led?
  5. Its a 240watt Dorm Grow LED. The veg kind, not the bloom one. The website I got it from is Hydroponic LED Grow Light | LED Growlights | Dorm Grow. I will say it isn't quite as low-heat as I had hoped, but temps. are lower than with cfls, and are fine with adequate ventilation. And so far my plant loves it. :)
  6. Hello all..

    It's time to update. :) We have watered a couple more times with plain water and LSTd again. Here are a couple pics..
    6-19 001.jpg
    6-19 002.jpg

    And one of the newest bend..
    6-19 003.jpg

    It is starting to smell pretty tasty, but no pistils yet. As soon as they show we already have a few clone spots that would be perfect. Wish us luck :smoke:
  7. Looking good :)

    LED grower checkin in':cool:
  8. hey im a first time grower, doing a single plant ive opted for LED light, got a Greenlight 135w UFO (45x3W)
    my tent is 60x60x140 do you use any suplement lighting or just your led?
  9. Beeze- Thx man, I'm gonna stop by your thread later tonight, I have to head out soon..

    Passdaspliff- I recommend you read around a little more first. LEDs are awesome, but I have a much stronger LED for a much smaller space. With that kind of space your gonna need a hell of a lot more light.
  10. It's looking really good. Can't wait to see those pistols and then some baby clones. What strain are you going to go with after your done testing the light? Sub'd by the way.
  11. I forget who we went through, but we are going with some critical seeds that looks really nice, and a couple freebies that I forget right now. I don't want to jinx it with this plant, but it's growing really nice and I want it so badly to be female. If everything works out with these clones and the next seeds we might make our own strain for the seeds. But who knows, let's cross our fingers and see where the grow takes us.
  12. That's the thing with growing you never really know so let's just hold our breathe and see where this one goes. I would agree they look very healthy at this stage.
  13. Thanks Buds, we were thinking that if the plant doesn't show it's sex within a week we will go ahead and clone it anyway. The new tops are getting so big that I will have to LST them too if we don't.

    Food for thought..
  14. Sub
    also looking to do a small led grow.. they in a cabinet or small tent?
  15. Cabinet. It is actually an old wardrobe that we tranformed into a veg and flower space. Veg. is on the bottom and flower on the top. The LED is only in the veg cab for now, with fluoros in the flower. Eventually whenever this whole thing pays for itself two times over we may upgrade to all LEDs, but we're happy with what we have for now :)

    I will make sure to post pics of it later..
  16. Hey Chili! How goes it? I'm glad to see you still growing. Very nice looking op you've got going. I had a question tho. A few posts back you mention waiting for pistils to show and you'll have some good clone sites. Do you mean that when it shows pistils, that's the signal and you're going to take clones after that? If so, can you explain why to me? Just curious if there is a reason.
  17. Hey there Greenbudguy, long time no see :wave: The only reason would not be wasting soil/time/etc. on clones that wouldn't be female. The clone sites are just the new tops created by LST, they're already ready to go. :) We are actually thinking about taking the clones tonight though, and then after the main plant has a week to fill back out throw it into flowering and hope for the best.

    I'm super excited about cloning, I've never done it before :D I will make sure to post pics tonight after I do it. We bought a cake cover from publix for $1.00 for a humidity dome, my contribution for today :cool:

    Wish us luck :smoke:
  18. Hello all. :) First I decided to post pics about the growspace because I promised I would.

    Here is a pic of our growspace from the outside and then the inside..
    6-21 001.jpg
    6-21 002.jpg

    With a close-up of the veg. and flower spaces respectively..
    6-21 003.JPG
    6-21 004.JPG

    And here is our stealth(ish) mother space (which is actually holding our clones atm..)..
    6-21 005.JPG
    6-21 006.JPG

    And that's what we're growing with here. We actually already cloned and I'll post about it in just a minute, I don't have enough picture slots ;)
  19. Alright, here we go :cool:

    First, A last pic of the whole mother plant before the chop..
    6-21 #1.JPG

    We took four clones in all, waiting on two more for a couple more days. We used a clean razor blade to make the angled cuts and to cut off some fan leaves. Then we used clonex and planted them in some more FFOF in some small plastic cups before spraying the crap out of them and putting them in their dome. Here are some pics..
    6-21 011.JPG
    6-21 012.JPG
    6-21 013.JPG

    We've done all we can do and now we wait. Wish us luck.. :smoke:
  20. Good luck with the clones!

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