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  1. i was just wondering if im the only one who likes to get at least one of everything lets see your best high end shit or just whatever you got

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  2. oh and a little info on the stuff,
    the bongs a 14 mil glass on glass 28 in tall steve bates original with 2, 1pc custom made ashcatchers the top one has a carb and on the bottom one there is no carb and instead of a bowl it has a 14 mil female reciever so u can use an ashcatcher or a slide..
    the bub measures 13x6 and is a quad perced inline i had custom made by the smae place that did my ashcatchers oh and all my attachments fit into each other
    sherlock, chillum, dry spoon have all been worked glass blunt and 2 extra slides,bluntwraps and papers self explanitory grinder
    i have a regular box vape dosent have a brand name but it works mint too,
    all my glass is local made and i usually talk to the artist before i buy
  3. dude that sherlock is SEX
  4. nice glass, the inline is really nice.
  5. thanks just picked it up recently to finish my collection i felt i needed at least a good bub and bon for me to be set, for now anyways...
  6. anyone know of any headshops online that sell glass blunts?

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