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Ounce of Mids or Quarter of Sour

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Chanty, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. First off, I'm glad to be back on Grasscity it's been awhile since I've came on.
    I don't know where this thread would go so I'm just going to post it in here because it seems to fit in this forum.

    So anyways I'm in Philadelphia for a few more weeks and when I get to Connecticut I'm going to have money for buds. The question what should I get?

    An ounce of good mids for $120
    or from my hook up a quarter of sour d for $130

    I know you guys are going to have a bunch of different opinions on what should I get but I just want to hear what y'all have to say :smoke:
  2. Sour D all the way. Just smoke it in swats lol.
  3. Not to mention DAMN that's expensive... uh, maybe the Mids because of the price.
  4. I would get the ounce.
  5. dank > not dank
  6. Definitely the ounce the sour d is too overly priced and u can even sell a couple grams of the ounce to make your money back if you wanted to
  7. I would get a mix of both tbh. Get an eighth of Sour and a half of mids. That way you have the Sour when you want to smoke something special, and the mids for just random blaze sessions.

    However if money isn't an object then Sour D all the way.
  8. If the mids are good, that's the way to go mang

  9. I'm saying bro, I'll have more but have to smoke a little more for a buzz and then afterwords take some Advil for that headache haha! As for some sour I'll feel good after a few hits and probably could make it last long?
  10. This sounds like a great idea, I can grab an eighth of sour for 60
  11. Mids cuz you will be smoking like a king for at least a couple days!
  12. If the mids are good id go with the mids. It wont be as good as the sour D but you'll have 4x the bud. Basically its Good weed for a few days vs Decent weed for a few weeks
  13. split nd get the most you can.
  14. I'd go with the Mids! Endless rip's for a few days and not having to worry about about conserving your herb
  15. if your mids give you a headache they aren't very good, but if it were me id buy the sour d because its healier to smoke less plus it will give you a better high.
  16. I dont understad why anyone buys mids.. so dank lol
  17. #17 Xenfire, Aug 3, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 3, 2011
    Why the fuck does an eighth cost you 60 yet a quarter (8th x 2) costs $130.. You're dealer is fucked lol tell him you want two eighths of sour if you decide to get it still .. :rolleyes:
  18. Wait wtf.

    You can buy a quarter of sour for 130$ or an eighth for 60$? (son of a bitch beat me too it ^^)

    So you get a 5$ discount when buying less? This dealer of yours sounds like he is selling his personal stash. My last three pickups have been amazing, reasonable and pretty good in that order. All for the same price.

    I hate dealers that fluctuate on the price.

    That being said, bring enough cash for however much weed you want. Make sure the mids weigh 1 ounce. If they are sorta firm but have some give, smell good, covered in crystals and aren't loaded with stems and seeds, I would go for those. Much better than a quarter of some fire. But that is just me. Even if you had to smoke double the material you would still be able to smoke for twice as long for less. Or you could turn around and sell some of the ounce and smoke the rest, paying for your investment.
  19. i'd get the mids! more quantity! plus 130 for a q of sour d? even if it is a hookup that's a high price!
  20. gimme some dank. keep dem reggies

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