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Ounce of haze... pics and smoke report

Discussion in 'Stash Jar' started by neal33, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. STRAIN: Haze
    AMOUNT: Ounce
    PRICE: $500 (I hate n. ga)
    FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Has a strong smell, with very soft buds. Definitely doesn't crumble in your hand. Pretty damn hairy. But you all can look at the pictures and come up with your own impressions.
    OVERALL SMOKE: You know from the second you light the bowl that it is a haze. A nice sativa high that hits you fairly quick. One bowl of it will give me a strong buzz, whereas two bowls will give me a nice stone.
  2. Nice dank ass bud. How's it taste?
  3. Great looking buds! Haze has to be one of my favorite strains, enjoy... :smoke:
  4. fuck your life 500.... fuckin steep son but if you got the finances more power to you

    looks Banging
  5. Thanks. The buds have a fruity taste to them. :smoke:
  6. very beautiful buds. Too bad it costed you$500:devious::smoke::smoke::smoking::smoking::bongin::bongin:
  7. you can tell a haze from the deep orange hairs and long thin dark leaves

    Super Haze

    Original Haze
  8. Ugh, excellent pick up.

    I haven't been able to get my hands on some good bud in such a long time. I hate surfing this forum and looking at all these beauties while smoking mids.
  9. it looks banging. I had some haze for 200 a half but you get tired of it after \a while even though it's bomb... like the red hairs on yours...
  10. really nice pickup man, im really jealous.
  11. looks like the same shit they used and prolly still do sell out of one of the corner stores in the hood. they sell like .4-.6 for 20 if your down for that. so 500 an ounce theres still money to be made if you got the buyers,

    either way id smoke it and id pay 450 tops but idk cant remember the last time i picked up an O.
  12. thanks everyone :hello:

    A couple of years ago I might have done just that, but its just not worth it right now. I can lose too many things if I were to get busted. Get busted with bud, I lose my scholarship for college.
  13. That bud looks real nice, but I think you kinda got ripped. 500$ is CRAZY!
  14. yeah dude but your in canada... you lucky bastards got amazing prices with your bud!
    if it makes it any better, the dude delivered it to my house, haha.
    since not many people can afford better weed in my area because of the recession, most of the people I know now are just smoking mids. so thats all the dealers are carrying. this is the only dude in the area that has good stuff now.
    down in atlanta, i wouldnt have paid as much but right now im pretty much up in the mountains.
  15. 500 holy shit what a ripoff

    It looks dank for sure. I hope you get fucking ripped after that kinda purchase
  16. Very dank pickup dude too bad you had to pay $500 for that ounce :/
  17. Damn . . . I'd probably be baked off of three hits of that to be honest :D

    Great pickup, +rep.
  18. Holy cow! $500, you sir have balls.
  19. 500 a Zip!? Dammmn I gotta start a grow again and fuckin move my shit to GA..pay my rent for a couple years
  20. wow u guys got really high prices. 500 is a very devastating financial blow, not in the amount but for what your getting in return. I know i can finish off an ounce in about a week between me and my lady

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