Ounce of boomers pickup-PICS

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by vezinapotomis, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. So after many weeks of searching in vain I was finally able to acquire some delicious fungus. They are extremely hard to find around here right now so I stocked up with an O to use over time, it was 240 for the entire thing. They are very potent, I took 2.5 grams as it was only my third time with mushrooms and the trip was far beyond what I had previously experienced. The visuals were very strong and the body high was insane, I could not walk up stairs without stumbling a little because my feet felt completely disconnected from my mind, if that makes any sense..

    Myself and a few others ate some before I got a chance to take pictures so what you see here is around 23 grams.



  2. eat them all immediately and speak of your great journey
  3. nice pick up...but damn it sounds like they taxed you out the bootyhole for that ounce...
  4. Damn right 8ths for 30 all the way up.
    But if they weren't plentiful I'd grab 'em too.
  5. That is the most beautiful oZ of mushies I have ever seen.
  6. those are some NICE lokoing mushrooms dude!!!!!!!! looks like you got a bunch of closed caps and a bunch of big caps!! im so jealous if i had those id eat 5 grams and go for a walk in the woods
  7. i have a friend that used to have a great hookup for boomers. the ones he always got looked just like those. nice find my friend.
    i can almost feel my brain ooze just looking at those caps!
  8. shiiiiiit, lucky you
  9. thats about twice as expensive as they are here but damn they look nice. enjoy that shit man.
  10. yeah i didnt see the price till now. i can get them for a little more than half that price
  11. Yeah in regards to all the comments about the price that's pretty much the best you can expect to do around here. Mushrooms are very hard to find, usually in and out of town in no more than a week so you gotta jump on them when they come in. When they are around 35 or 40 an eighth is usually the standard, i've even heard of people charging 50 but I would never pay that. So I pretty much got the best deal I could, and he gave me by far the best bag because I've been a good customer for a while-most of the others had about half that many caps.
  12. Wicked sick pick up dude, have fun with them boomers man. Too bad I'm flat broke or I'd pick my ass up some myself.
  13. Sick pickup bro.
    Enjoy them mushies.
  14. ahh man nice pick up but 240 damn, im glad i live in an area where an ounce of boomers is only 90 bucks
  15. if an o were 90 bucks here i would legit stop buying bud and buy mushies and just get people to smoke me out omg. lol
  16. Beautiful.
  17. Damn all these replies about cost are dissapointing haha here I was thinking I did pretty good for 240 an O... I guess CT sucks for mushroom prices as much as it does for bud. Oh well, it was still worth it to me they are some great boomers.
  18. I've paid 60 for a quarter, so that seems decent to me. At least they were available! Those look so tasty, you enjoy those :hippie:

    Oh I know what you mean with your feet being disconnected from your mind, that's the best.
  19. yeh dude its cheap but you got to know the right people... in other words you have inspires me im going to quit buying weed and just trade mushies for herb to all my unfortunate friends +rep dude
  20. Nah man I live in CT too and I'm picking up a half oz for $140 this weekend. $35 an eighth is pretty regular around here from what I've seen. It took me like 2 weeks of looking around to even find someone.

    I'd say you got a nice pickup, don't even worry about it.

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