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Ounce(ish) of dank!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by CannabisKills, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. I picked up an ounce of some random bud, still dank though. I smoked a little so its not exactly an ounce :D.








  2. Looks somewhat good. Maybe some Higher-High grade mids. Not bad
  3. [quote name='"TalkToChuck"']Looks somewhat good. Maybe some Higher-High grade mids. Not bad[/quote]

    Yea that's not dank ...... How much was it op ? N where ya live ?
  4. I'm liking that 8.2 nug! Nice pick up OP
  5. That 8.2g nug is making my mouth water :p Looks like some really good mids, probably not dank tho. Still a nice pick up, how much did you pay?
  6. Just cause it isnt covered in trichromes doesnt mean it isnt top shelf.

    Cost 300 for about 30 grams originally. Its very dense, very stoney. :D

  7. but you got boned on the price man!!!!!

    where are you??? I guess depending on where you are you got screwed, maybe not lol.... around here that would be like 80 an oz man
  8. Its normally about 275 but my guy said it was really dank. It doesnt look super fire but it smokes really good and has got me really stoned. 300 is a lot I know, but I only have one connect right now. Im in the twin cities, its a higher end price around here.
  9. daaaamn.... thats a hefty price still either way lol. I dont pay above 220 for the best around here.....

    i wish i could share the Boulder prices with the world lol
  10. By me $300 is about right for an ounce of the good stuff.
  11. I pay that much where I am... unfortunately.
  12. Look's don't mean everything. Looks like it could be outdoor. You think 300 is bad, try 400-450 :eek::mad::rolleyes:
  13. Doesn't look like dank but still good either way.
  14. In my opinion, fuck everyone who's saying it's mids. From my experience, the only thing looks have an effect on is the price... sometimes. Obviously brown weed isn't gonna be the best (and stuff that glistens will be pretty strong), but I've smoked some stuff that looked so bad I had second thoughts about inhaling it and got a decent high. 300 an ounce is pricey, but if you're in an area where they charge 400+ for an ounce of high grade, I'd say it's a deal.

    I agree with the Super Inhaler of the Royal Smoke Of Ganja, though. Above 220 and I'm hesitant about buying it.
  15. Yeah it's 220 oz for really good shit here... little more if its insane fire..

    bud looks decent.. solid B... definitely not worth 300 for 30g to me though.. even if you're in a rough spot you should get a price break under 10/g for buying that much of that quality imo...

    I think most people who say prices suck in their area just don't know the right people and let their delears overcharge because they "can"

    also what I care most about above anything else is that my weed is FLUSHED, DRIED, and CURED PROPERLY
  16. Definitely not dank. But it isn't dirt either.

  17. No dude, this isnt dank / loud.
    Its some high grade mids. But im not saying it will smoke badly. High grade mids are just about low grade danks

  18. We wish you could too.
  19. Nice my friend :)

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