Ouija(wee-jee) boards, experiences?

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  1. Been discussing doing one after hours, middle of the night in a bar, but many of the experiences sound dangerous, but i guess thats the point.

    Any experiences?
  2. They're not scary you just need to have respect for the soul you're contacting. I've used one in an insane asylum multiple times.

    The first time me and my buddy heard a deep ominous moan come from the darkness and the candles went out.

    Every time after that just various knocks and voices, the planchette would move accordingly too.

    They're interesting tools.
  3. Ive been genuinely interested in doing one for years, is there a proper way to do it? Ie. incense etc.?
  4. Not worth it.

    Trust many many people who have bad experiences.

    I'd rather not even talk about mine.
  5. Hmmm i have heard of a few bad experiences from people i know, but as a young man it only makes me want to do it more and regret it after.

    I think one reason that would make me want to is to challenge my atheism. If i get an unexplainable experience from a ouija then it would make me challenge my views abit more...
  6. Personally I believe that the board is merely a simpleton's approach to listening to their subconscious. Once you reach a certain point of understanding about the nature of your reality and your mind, it becomes obsolete.

    Bad experiences probably have to do with the individual either predisposing themselves to experiencing one, or they get themselves so nervous about it that they create their own bad experience.

    Then again I've only used one once and it didn't do much for me. Haven't tried it since.
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    I used to play back in Elementary school. Ha. I've played it in a graveyard, too. One of the more interesting experiences I've had. I played not too long ago but one of my friends fucked it up because she was just too high and didn't want to play... It's okay for an interesting time but I do think it reflects what you want to see from it. I've almost always gotten the outcomes I've wanted to see from it by asking the questions I have, so that should tell you enough. Personally, I don't think much of it but when I was younger it was super cool.

    I suggest you don't smoke prior to, I feel as if it works a lot better when you're clear-headed and it's the only thing you're focusing on. Don't do it in an area where there's others around, do it in a basement, for example, in the pitch dark with no one home but you and the friend(s) who are playing and just some candles around. You should really just be "into it". Play on a flat surface, don't put too much pressure on the planchette and go. Also, be nice and read up how you should approach it.

    ... If we're talking wood or glass boards be careful, in my opinion, regardless of whether or not you believe in it. If we're talking Hasbro boards then okay, just take it easy, lol. Don't freak out it is what you make it.
  8. I dont think they're that cool.
  9. I've had some interesting experiences with them.

    At the very worst, me and friends have tricked our minds into scaring the shit out of ourselves which, spirits or not, is the desired result anyway.
  10. Wow, Ive never used one before but Im surprised with the replies in this thread. I'd love to try one out, but Ive never seen one before :(
  11. You can find them at some Walmarts and Targets, and if not there then you'll have to try stores specifically for selling board games, ie 'Games By James' and such.
  12. ^^ Toys R Us used to have them too ^^

    Fun stuff. Kids contacting the devil and other questionable spirits. How cool is that?

  13. They're the product of clever marketing and gullible consumers.
  14. The power of the mind is incredible, you can change reality by the simple act of believing. If you believe it will work, shit will go down. I believe it's all your subconscious being controlled by an expected outcome.

  15. id like to hear it

    i played with a weegee a couple times, the one i remeber the most is wen we went to a supposed haunted cemetary and the the spot light on my camera kept goin off and on everytime we would put our hands on the board
  16. me and my boyfriend tried it once. nothing happened for mad long, so we were like lol fuck it and left the room. I left the pointer upside down (with the little sticks on the bottom facing up) on the floor near the board and when we came back in the room it was right side up in the middle of the board. and no, there was nobody else in the house besides us 2 and we were both outside when this apparently happened. we haven't tried it again but maybe we will. I want to try and contact somebody special.
  17. yes, because the human mind can make objects fall off of shelves, lights turn on and off, produce voices, slam doors, and all the other crazy shit that has happened to these people...:rolleyes:
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    you're ignorant

    positive vibes your way though

    Let's try and stay respectful please. Mat369

  19. No need to call somebody ignorant just because they've experienced phenomena that you have not/don't understand

    We are only now beginning to understand our macrocosmic world. There is so much about the microcosmic that all we can do is speculate on at this point.

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