Ouija ~ Real or Fake?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Sneak-a-Toker38, Jun 11, 2002.

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  1. Personally, I believe in the Ouija. I\'ve had predictions come true, I\'ve seen into the past and into the future, I\'ve practised wicca (even tho I\'m a christian), I\'ve had almost unreal experiences (some of them are not spoken of) with the Ouija. I know things I shouldn\'t know ... and I read Tarot ... sometimes the cards offer me visions of what is to come and sometimes they literally shock me or fly out of my hands ... I don\'t frighten easily to any of the visions ... tho I am careful about what I tell my clients ... I never lie to them ... have been reading Tarot for over 15 years ... most of my clients are repeat clients ... they come back again and again ... anytime something bothers them or they\'re not sure of a decision ... they ask.

    And NO ... I don\'t work for Miss Cleo (what a fuckn\'fake!) ... I work for myself and by myself ... if you\'re interested, pm me.

    gotta go get the mail!

    Don\'t give your b.s. about being a christian and pagan all at the same time ... I BEAT myself up about it enuf ... I DON\'T need you beating up on me as well!!
  2. You can practice any religion while believeing the ideas of wicca. My mom and little bro are. You can belive any religion, practice any holiday and so on and so forth provided you show respect to yourself, others and nature.
  3. i believe it\'s real, some real freaky shit has happened to me.

    one experience( about 15 yrs ago) is when a few of us were playin the ouija, one person was writing everything down. we were askin questions yada yada yada, when we asked about a friends boyfriends phone number(only the girlfriend knew it and she was the one writing) it gave us some number we had no clue about. so whatever, everyone decided they wanted to steal smokes.lol i was only 15 lol. so they went store to store to store stealin all these smokes and they got caught! everyone split up and eventually met where we started. some of the girls wanted to phone the place where they got caught to be pains in the asses and laugh at em. so we\'re lookin up the phone number and it\'s the number the oija gave us. not real scarey freaky but stopped and made us think a little bit.

    i\' ve had some real scarey shit happen and i don\'t think i\'ll go on a oija again.
  4. i believe they are real. Ive played it twice both times somethin messed up happened. the first time i asked for a sign that it was working and the black flame flickered out then the door slammed shut. the second time i was in a motel in kenosha wisconsin, and the hazard lights of my car outside came on, the doors were locked......hmmm creepy
  5. whatever, if any of that shit happened it would be on the news

    fuck that shit, primative humans
  6. All I got to say is...

    I asked the spirit world via Ouija Board what the winning lottery numbers were...
    And the bastards screwed me over...
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