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  1. ive never used one, but me and some friends were all talkin about it. they were talkin about how people say it brings the devil to earth. im an atheist, but i believe in ghosts straight up. a good friend of mines uncle just happeded to have built my house, and died in a horrible accident before my parents bought it. and i have seen shit i cant explain. like i saw a shadow move across my room when i had my black lights on and i was walking towards the door, and goin into my closet tight after and seein my shirts all move really quickly. maybe the shirts where just my imagination playin with me, but i definatly saw a shadow. has anyone has an experience with ouija boards, or any weird stories about ghosts?
  2. Oujia Boards are bullshit, trust me.

    But when i was little around 6, I would go up in the attic (sisters room) and we would play DoubleDragons on the nes. I remember it like yesterday, we were sitting there playing it and we were about to beat it, it was storming pretty hard. Windows were shut and everything. The closet door was opened all the way (One of those sliding closet doors) we were on the last boss, and this closet just closed shut hard as hell, so out of natural reaction I got up ran as fast as I could jumped down the set of stairs and ran to my bed. My brother was still up there frozen in shock and came down running about 20 seconds later.

    About 6 months later the house burnt down and we moved into another one. The creepy thing is I would always hear something moving in the attic at night.
  3. Hey cigga-dro,
    Its all what you believe in man. As crazy as life itself is at times, how could there not be some kind of other crazy world out there we can cross paths with or contact if we concentrate.

    Oiuja boards are great! I had three older sisters and a brother, they would scare the shit out of me with that thing. I break mine out when im entertaining guest, after everyone has mellowed and lit. But it only works if you have atleast four people playing, and atmosphere is everything!

    Do this, to learn for yourself new experiences in life, or even just to have a good story someday?
  4. Ouija boards are as real as it gets folks. Once during my freshmen year of college I was playing on one with this chick named Jenn I had met a few days ago at a party. I asked it to tell me the name of the next girl I was going to hook up with and magically it spelled out Jenn... Without me moving it and that shit was dead on.
  5. Hahaha, nice bro.

    They're bullshit. They are a suggestive device. It's like if you're in a group of people, and it gets moved to y, then to o, you assume the next letter will be "u" so you subconsciously help guide it to "U''.

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