Ouija Boards dont work.

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  1. I absolutely hate when people talk about their Ouija board experiences. "This demon threw a chair at me!" or "It knew my name and said it was going to kill me!" I hear these things all the time and it's crap. These stories are obviously made up or exaggerated.

    Also, if they were real they would totally disprove science and would be studied alot more.

    Sorry for the random complaining. I'm here bored just wanting to discuss this topic.
  2. Yeah I found out my Ouija experence was me trippin out on red magic

  3. I've always thought that too. Why the hell is it legal to sell something that defies our understanding, and beyond that, tells us we are going to die? I agree, what a load of shit, and if they really do work, then scientists are cowards, too scared of the imaginary forces to figure out how it works.
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    True. It's all a load of bs, just a scam to make money of off those that need their lil fear and excitement out of these things.
  5. Have any of you tried it before?
  6. Yes I have
  7. I tried it but we were all pretty drunk and one of the girls was being a bitch and moving it...just to upset a guy that was there. She was pretending to be his dead uncle.

    They're a load of shit as far as I know.
  8. I did it. Some shit happened. That's all I'll say
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    Go on
  10. I got it for my birthday many years ago.
    Tried it in my friends new house.
    we all got scared and we threw it in the closet. to never see it again.

    Real talk this happened when i was 18, two years ago.
    i was in NJ with 3 of my friends.
    we were at a friends house and we were rolling blunts.
    out of no where a coat lifted up and kept lifting for what seemed like a long time(2seconds tops) it was lifted like if someone was lifting dirty laundry using there thumbs and index fingers.. one of my friends back was facing it and he felt it and turned around when it happened, we all saw it.

    the TV would turn off at random times with no timer on it.
    we put the remote far away from us with the tv off. i was scared shitless and said "yo fuck this ***** im playing slayer!!" and i picked up the guitar and started chuggin a slayer riff and the TV turned on.
    The couch shook like if a train was going under it.

    I got goosebumps thinking about it right now and when i left my friends house i was scared of tvs and had to unplug my own for about a month.

    the kid who lived there had a neighbor that smokes also so we used to blaze it with him. and he said alot of people move in and out of that house.. that shit was haunted.
    never seen anything like that.
  11. Double post- rumors was that someone hung themselves off the steps where my friends room was at.
    nothing happened in any other room.

    hehehe my hairs are standing up.
  12. Idk man. I highly doubt they work. I've had experiences with "ghosts", some would say. I don't really know hot to explain them. I don't believe in ghosts or demons or god or Allah or anyone. I'm an athiest.

    But one night it was just so hot in my house. It was in the middle of summer, my family just moved into this house where the lady commuted suicide cus her husband dumped her. Anyway, the air conditioning was broken. I had to sleep in my basement that night because it was the coolest spot in the house. Around 2:30 I hear these loud as bangs like someones jumping up and down from the above floor. I didn't really care.

    I fell back asleep and then around 3 my lights went on and off like 3 times. I couldn't move I was so scared. This was a couple years back but now I think to myself, there were problems with the house that could make noises or maybe a fucked up fuse.
  13. i tried it with a friend before in junior high. nothing happened, to my knowledge. but just because nothing happened to me doesn't mean ouija boards don't work. though i think marketing them at toy stores is bullshit.

    i don't know. there's a lot of stuff we don't understand. i believe that someone somewhere has had a totally legitimate encounter with a spirit through a ouija board. i can't prove it, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened.

  14. cool story bro. Exactly why I can't believe a single word those who claim to have had "shit happen".

    Really? Shit happens? wow, who would've guessed?
  15. Sometimes talking about those experiences is bad juju. It can call back whatever energy that was messing with you in the first place. It's sort of like taking a picture of something paranormal and deciding to keep it...I even feel uncomfortable having to try and explain this.
  16. I did a whole thread on how bullshit, the bullshit is.

  17. Go on...
  18. Possibly, possibly not.
    Use one every night in your room for a few months and see if you sleep well...
  19. yes they do, santa gave me one for christmas last year, or maybe it was the tooth fairy........ not sure

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