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  1. Well hey again guys.

    I don't post in this form very much so please excuse me if this is far off topic here or if this tipic has been brought up already.

    I want to try out using my ouija board tonight in the spirt of Halloween. I have had some cool experiences. Should I try to have one tonight?

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  2. sure it could be fun with a few friends on halloween. but do yourself a favor and resist the urge to look into how they actually work until after you do it so you dont spoil the fun.
  3. lol oija is bullshit
    but yeah go freaky on em
    spell some crazy shit

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  4. Sure. 
    I think it's all a crock of shit, but you might as well have fun with it. :p
  5. Say what you want about the Ouija board... " it's nonsense" "it's bullshit" "it was marketed by an american business man"
    Idc what anybody says the Ouija board is no joke. Under certain circumstances the board will in fact perform as it would with a medium present. I don't fuck with the Ouija board anymore. Evil evil game.
  6. What if I told you the board operates exactly as the operator wants it to every time? Its a parlor trick man. One thats pretty good at fooling even the person controlling it
  7. Idk I still find it freaky
    You must have had a scary experience when you were 4-5 like me. My cousins and grandma fucked with me and spelled out my name and that the spirit wants to kill me etc. Pretty messed up.
  9. I have an extensive background in metaphysical studies, so I can say that I may be able to shed some light on the whole Ouija board "taboo-ness". Spirit boards are typically not harmful, however Ouija itself is a brand of spirit board. Let us say, hypothetically (using this word for an unbiased look), that spirit boards were a legitimate form of communication with another life force, whether it be a spirit, demon, fairy, etc. Now, if this spirit board is indeed a legitimate form of communication, we would not see it as a game, but as a sacred piece of communication with those who have passed away. Along comes the brand, "Ouija", labeling it as a game for anyone to play. What is the sacredness in this? 
    This is, of course my view point alone. Anyone want to chime in?
  10. I have no clue if this is related to the ouija board, but I remember when I was around 7 I used to hang out with this girl next door who was a couple years older.

    I remember one night she invited me over so we can use my ouija board, but my parents told me I couldn't go over, so I told her she could borrow it and passed it over the fence.

    The next morning I picked it up and I remember she seemed very distant and was quiet. There was a sadness in her eyes and it looked like she didn't sleep that night. I was a young kid so I dismissed it as maybe she was just tired.

    That night I remember an ambulance and her parents in the driveway crying. My parents told me to stay inside but I watched from the window. I remember seeing the paramedics wheel a covered body bag with a stretcher.

    I found out later she killed herself which a knife in the bathroom. She stabbed herself in the stomach and died from blood loss. She was always so cheery and lively, and the only time I've seen her sad looking was that day after the ouija board.

    I don't know if it was related but pretty coincidental.

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  11. Don't fuck with that shit bro

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  12. My point of view is that you operate the board subconsciously, based on the myriad of evidence out there supporting this.
  13. This escalated rather quickly. 

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