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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by ravenhunter32, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Well only sort of. I was checking on my daughter who was playing outside when I noticed a bright green plant shooting out of a pot I thought contained a dead plant. I'm not positive it is my dear friend "randy" but it sure looks like it. I have never tired growing because of my children, so I don't know what a plant looks like til it is dried. The plant I found has 7 leaves and looks just like the pictures you draw when you draw a picture of a pot plant. I have moved it inside since I live right down town and the plantpot was was on my front porch where the public passes all day. OOOHH!! I am so excited, if this produces anything, I really hope I am not wrong. hehehehe
    I don't have a ot of time to put into growing this plant or the space to set a private spot. I can however put in my bedroom wich only certain people can enter. If anyone has any suggestions on the easiest way to get this plant to flourish with extreem effort, please pass it my way.
  2. Interesting find....so how did it get into the pot you found it in??lol...

    read up on past posts ,or hit my faq link,ask away when you need that personal answer to a question...here we are...

    have fun...

  3. I acciured the plantpot from a friend whose store went out of business. One of her employee was a regular smoker and, I'm guessing, he must have dropped at least one seed in the pot.

    And i meant WITHOUT extreem effort in my last post. sorry, i tend to forget the little things like checking what I type for errors- lol

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