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  1. Dont you just hate it when you roll over the wrong way with your legs in your seat and sit on your own nuts? It hurts :(
  2. Omg yes...talk about pain. :)confused: )
  3. I got some balls on me, And i dont even know what your talking about, I dont think this has happened to me before that i remeber. I dunno.

    I sit down low in my seats and lean back ya herd so that may have something to do with it.

    But i dont think ive ever actually sat on my nuts that i can remeber.

    But im drunk off my ass right now.
  4. Try getting your ball hair caught in your zipper. Ouch.
  5. ya man... sumtimes when i move my legs around to get mor comfortable..i kick myself in the nuts sumtimes...yea it can hurt
  6. hahaha i've done the sitting on them thing. worst was sliding off the top bed of a bunk bed at a friend's house and sliding over that bar. wow. like getting punched in the stomach. haha. i've also kicked myself in the nuts with the back of my angles a bunch of times by accident while sitting in this chair and repositioning my legs. (I sit with my legs crossed a lot... "indian style" it was called as a little kid. always had this habit I guess)

  7. Sounds like someone dosent wear underwear :rolleyes:
  8. yall need to be more careful...its the only pair ya get.

  9. try getting your BALLS caught in your zipper.


    i actually bled. not a lot. but more than your nuts ever need to bleed.

  10. Aren't there such things as testicle transplants? I know there are many times where I would think, "I'd give my left nut for THAT!"

    You mean intentionally? Why would I do that?!
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  11. What can i say?

    I like the freedom.
  12. Impossible for me because there aient no hair, The ladies love it.
  13. hahaha you guys crack me up ;)
  14. The worst is when your tryn to sit with like one leg under the other and when your pputtn it under a lil bit of nut gets between your ankle n your other leg. It sucks.

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