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  1. Just taking my lobe out to 5mm, lol go me, in still new to all this :hello:.

    mmm cold flannel. :rolleyes:
  2. thats a poor sport you've invented :confused_2:
  3. lol sorry, I'm Gauging my ear lobes, I beleive thast what you lot over the pond call it :rolleyes:

    However I did make a awesome sport with Stash up called bottle-plank :smoking:
  4. i really DON'T uderstand this .. can u post a pic? :confused_2:
  5. lol. Erm, Its basicly streching out your piercings. I knew a few people on here are into i remember reading it somewhere.
  6. oh, just .. ok, i understand now .. so congratulations to 5mm :hello:
  7. man, ever stick your finger in one of those holes? smells like shit. literally.
  8. Smells like dirty belly button.
  9. im up to 6g in my left lobe.. Ive never heard of 5's
  10. Awesome man! This kinda makes me sad though. I just recently took out my 00's and my 2's. :( I just felt like I should, so I did, although I kinda miss 'em. I look at my face in the mirror and it just feels like something is missing, not seeing my pale green stone plugs and my tunnels. Ah, well... Congrats again - they look good. Make sure you're going slow... :p Blow outs and tearing HURT - but you're not new to stretching so I'll shut up.

    Oh, skittles - I think he said 5mm because maybe he's from somewhere other than the US? I dunno. I thought all gauging sizes were the same, but I'm probably mistaken.

    And as far as the holes smelling...... Yeah, not so pleasant. But if you keep them clean through washing them with soap occasionally, and using plugs made from organic materials like wood, bone, etc. then that can help reduce the stank.

    http://forum.grasscity.com/showthread.php?t=76514 <--I got my pics in there (I miss my babies!)
  11. The bad new is i split them somethine aweful after posting this, I'm back down the the size i had before,

    its not a 5 gauge its 5mm, in the uk we do it in millimeters cos we're awesome :cool:

    I'm blaming the cheap strecher its not smooth and its the second time I've split my ear, In no way is it my eagerness to push them thru :wave:
  12. yeah im thinking about gauging to zeros... not sure yet though, a lot of employers around here wont hire you if you have piercings that stand out to much.
  13. you tore your shit? that sucks, is it all cracky and shit now?

  14. Nah it seems ok lol.

    I always get shocked how much they bleed when i slip them, I done it three times, first itme was using something stupid ot strech it, second was this cheap strecher but trying ot take it to far aswell, third was just that cheap strecher lol, :rolleyes:. I'm all good now tho, gonna give it a bit to sort itself out and get back to it.
  15. yeah, i re-pierced my ear like 5 years after i had anything in and then i tried to gauge it the next day, and that shit wouldnt budge
  16. After getting bored earlier, I just jammed my 3mm back in :hello:

    Also i got told im crazy today cos my mates said never to try 2mm in one evening again :rolleyes:
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