Ottawa Bud brothers?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by freddy green, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. New to the site and city. Anyone from Ottawa out there? Having trouble getting some love from the locals. Man I miss BC BUD!!!
  2. shit sonnn i'm movin here soon and i dont wanna find a new dealer. i wish u the best of lukk in findin sum bud-i'll smoke a bowl in ur name :smoking:
  3. 200km nw ... up in deep river. i go to ottawa pretty often tho. i know some buddies who go to carleton and get some BOMB shit.
  4. make it large barbie its beena looooong time.

    420 - drop me a line next time in a hurtin unit right now
  5. it was quite large [&] amazin:bongin:
  6. Yeah man I live in Ottawa, lots of bomb shit out especially right now
  7. Yeah I live in Ottawa too. We got pretty good buds (BC, QC, and ON all do)

    Any ottawa dealers out here, send me a message, cause I need one :)
  8. barrhaven bro
  9. holy shit barrhaven no way, i live near merivale, you smoker or dealer?
  10. Hey whats up everyone im from Ottawa as well! Didn't realize there were so many people from Ottawa on here. Anywyas im from the east end, pm me if your looking to "talk" about weed
  11. Suppp .

    Representing the 613
  12. Nepean algonquin college area attending carleton. So sick of shit ottawa buds, bring over some kush and rip my eric ross double shower

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