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Others thoughts about gravity bongs..

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sceaspit11, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. Well i recently created a gravity bong out of a bucket and the top of a 64OZ Gatorade bottle, and since the 1st time i started using it its been my favorite piece by FAR. i feel like i get high for almost twice the time then i do from smoking pipes and joints. its made me not want to smoke joints or pipes anymore. what do you guys think of gravity bongs?
  2. They are great if you are low on bud but smoking out of that plastic is really not good for you if you're using it daily
  3. i love gb's, theyre just so harsh my lungs cant take it anymore
  4. make one out of a 40oz bottle, the one's that they sell liquor in.. give's massive hits & you're not smoking out of plastic..;)
  5. To get the harshness off by a bowl and downstem so that the smoke can be filtered otherwise GBs are rough as hell on the lungs. I remember smoking a juicy dank bowl with my bud and he started choking on it and wheezing almost triggering an asthma attack which never happens when we smoke
  6. I made a pretty sick GB, out of a 12 oz bottle in which the downstem went almost to the bottom so the water filtered it as it ran out the hole (kind of like a hookah). Other than that any others kill my lungs and I feel like I have congestion in my chest for hours after GB hits. Once in a while is good tho
  7. Gb = love hate relationship. I love how little you have to use to get ripped but I hate coughing for hours after a super milky rip.

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