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  1. hey everyone im a new guy and i havent tried many other drugs other than weed but i was wondering what you guys thought about other drugs and their effects?
  2. k i've personally tried weed, a bunch of different x (but no two pills are alike), acid, shrooms, coke, crank, hash, and some prescription drugs like vicadine, valium, and oxycontins and i've liked them all seperately except weed it goes with everything
  3. Weed shrooms and alcohol, separatly or together or any combo, it doesn't matter.
  4. I've done just about anything and everything i could get my hands on. I'm addicted to being high, not any pacific drug. But i do have to say i love weed the most.
  5. hey I just want to say whatever, if you do decide to try anything else, get some info about it before jumping into anything. theres a lot if stuff on the net and talk to people..if you know what youre getting into beforehand, the experience will be that much better...
    Ive tried a lot of things..as far as my favorite I love to trip on hallucinagins. 'cid and shrooms are a def. fav. I dont do them that often, so when I do I really get myself pumped up about doing them. its all about the experience and what you get from it..
    keep it real.
  6. none.....there really is no point..if you look at it...why would you wanna see shit thats not there??..lol

    I'll stick to kind buds...

    whatever makes you happy tho..do it....live life to the fullest.
    but don't die..lol

    love and peace

  7. Couldn't agree anymore. If I knew more about a hardcore mushroom trip before I finished munching down my 6 grams, I probably would've had a way way better trip. The only drugs that I do are the natural ones. Weed, shrooms, hash, etc.

    Be careful on what you do, just remember to do your research.
  8. "...The only drugs that I do are the natural ones. Weed, shrooms, hash, etc..."

    ahhh, i havent had "natural" hash in a long time....just good ol chemically extrtacted hash for me....what is "natural" anyway? does it have to come from a plant? does it have to be naturally extracted?...what about coke?is coke natural?
  9. Drugs just alter reality. Each drug is different of course, so I agree with other members, do a bit of research before shoving something down your throat or up your nose or in your arm. There are consequences, watch out for the come downs with 'trips', 'e' and 'speed'! 'Herion' is bad news, never tried 'coke', too expensive! lol

    Personally I can't be bothered with that shit anymore, I'm happy to get stoned and hit the piss every so often. Must be getting old!!!lol..
  10. Just pot and shrooms for me now, getting well into middle age now and have seen too many people destroyed by crank, coke, smack and alcohol. But your'e young and foolish and are going to do it anyway, just think before you do try anything. Be careful with those shrooms too other wise you'll be walking with the devil. <grin>

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  11. ive done shrooms,acid and pills.there all good and dat "i only do natural drugs" a load of bs.like some guy said,would u call coke natural,if u dont u are callin grass unatraul.evry thing is made from things that came from the earth,just a mixture of things mixed togther.you cant create matter.
    on a more happy note i just got a very nice bar or resin.ahh chemicaly...

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