Other countries trip me out

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  1. Its stoney thinking how we are born in our country, and there are other countries all around the world, with their own history, language, etc 😅

    So many different nations and I want to travel everywhere, including Russia,China, Syria, etc..

    I hate how we all have war tho.. Why can't we all just have fun ? :)

    Does it trip you out as well? Or am I just a crazy blade who's extremely baked? 😂😂
  2. what trips me out is that America is a disease. Its spreading to every country.
    Shitty beyonce music, social media, in 50 years we will all dress the same and speak the same and post the same shit.

    It truly bothers me to see my native country start pretending to be americans. Sickening.

    End rant
  3. I wouldn't say it trips me out to think of other country's.. Unless you've just discovered them op.
    Traveling is a must the first time I went to a non tourist city was some of the most fun I've had abroad, I went to Athens and stayed in a residential area... Long story. I saw a totally different culture aswell as a few petrol bombs being thrown at banks.
  4. Never looked@it like that,but i have done a fair bit of visiting castles &famous buildings.i akways find it exciting to know im stood somewhere that great things were achieved or great people once stood.

    The flip side ive also stood in places where dark things were done to fellow men in the name of some bullshit or other. Im lucky to have bern born in a country with some world changing buildings that the nation have chosen to preserve.

    If i was born in america i would certainly take in a interest in native americans, im a brit & find them to be an intersting culture & they have this mystical thing around them. I dont think that is just a commercial ploy either. They were pretty clued up on bond between man&the earth.

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    What trips me out more is reading about wealthy celebrities and rockstars who overdose on drugs and all that ... knowing they had the money to go on an eternal holiday and explore all the wonders of the planet, all year round... if they wanted to.

    Me? I don't think I'd ever be able to afford to travel the world, unless I buy a yacht, and risk my life surfing 10m tall rogue waves in open sea.

  6. Social media is worldwide, and Beyonce is popular where people like her music. Blame your own country not the US lol

  7. I'd like to chill in Cuba and Ireland. Maybe if I went to Florida I could swim to Cuba lol
  8. Cuba is only 90 miles from Key West...I'm sure you'd be fine ;)
  9. I've been to Japan, Korea, Africa, all over Europe, America, Cuba but I always miss home. In a weird way, travel makes me appreciate home more. Guess I'm just a home bird.
  10. Eastern Europe (Hungary) tripped me out when I was there.. strange vibrations.. everything was just a little "off", you know? I don't wanna say that it was weird, because of course I was an outsider there and to them it's normal life.. but things just didn't feel the same in an odd way

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