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Discussion in 'General' started by purplehaze, Jul 13, 2001.

  1. i am just woundering if anyone knows of any other cannabis related forums on the web as all this is very interesting and helpful reading

  2. dont worry i think this site is quality and will still post questions and read posts
    but i also want to expand my knowledge as you know more is better always!! unless you have had just one toke too many
    you know what i mean anyway

    thanks pal
  3. lol @ zonedude
  4. There is a brand new forum that just opened up yesterday, It is called
    The Hempcity comunity forum , - opperated from Haarlem Holland. The Dutch Joint, Frank Hals, Willie Wortel and the Global Hemp Museum,

    the link is:
  5. I tried to bring that one up,it did not work?...
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  6. I post there, it is a cool new board. I tried the link and it worked fine for me. So, come all, and check it out, we need more posters!!
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  7. Yes, There it is pretty cool,now this site is in A'dam?.....calyx....PS how to make the little faces work? I tried to drag'em but that didn't work and doing something wrong with the directions any easy way?..
  8. Evening folks.

    I've hung around Yahooka for about a year, watch it cycle around from bullshit to pretty damn cool. I think somebody needs to grab a hold of the wheel over there though, seems to be spinning outta control lately.

    I say that to say this, I told everybody that I considered "the cool one's" to come over here and check it out. I'm a pretty fair judge of cool one's if I say so myself!

    I like the site a lot, but lately havin a hard time finding any time to get on this 'puter!

    Pardon me if I'm quiet for long periods of time. It means I'm thinking! shhhhhhhhhh!
  9. thinking? oh yea! ive done that before. i think? :D
  10. Hey smoki!
    I was wondering where you were hiding at...lol. Now stop that thinking, you could bust a blood vessel, or something... ;)
    I know what you mean about YaHooka, I love it there too, but it's not so friendly anymore...and it never works! Like tonight... :eek:

  11. smokinokie, glad to see you over here and glad to hear you're bringing friends. I know I trust your judgement of cool :cool:
  12. Speaking of Yahooka being down and Yahooka going out of control... I've noticed it down a few times. And the idiot factor has jumped recently. What really bugs me though, is that it crashes my browser all the time. I use internet exploder and have no problem with coffeeshop or any other of the many board I visit, including some that use about the same UBB software. What the hell is wrong with Yahooka. :confused:
  13. highya guys and gals, looks like i followed ya'll a bit late, but just in time,whew!! ive been thinking for some time that yahooka has worms! or at the very least ONE with 750 screen names. that buisness really got outa controll. im hoping it'll get back to cool again soon.
    sooo what im saying again is that its good to be with good people, and ya'll is good people, it keeps me from meandering around the net, mostly.and believe me when i tell you, your doing me a favour theres some crazzzy peoples out there.
    dont follow me...im lost
  14. Yes calyx, the site is in the Netherlands, Haarlem to be exact. It is just outside of Amsterdam, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. I am glad to see you got the link to work and that you joined the forum. I am a moderator there, so I hope to see more of your postings in the future. ;)

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