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  1. So i had a very interesting talk about Osama Ben Laden Today , i mean i dont agree with his methods or his ideals but i think the man is worthy of respect, did you guys know he was a very wealth edjucated man from saudi arabia and when the soveits invaded afganistan he went there and used HIS OWN money and he fought on the front lines.... i mean thats pretty impressive... how many rich people do you hear of that use all there money to help people that arnt even there own and fight on the front lines with them??

    just somthing worth considering :smoke:

  2. Yeah, what a great guy... oh wait


  3. never said he was a great guy i said "i do not agree with his methods or ideals"

    i just said some of the things he did was respectable , i mean he has some honor at least , i wish our leaders had some of that
  4. He believes he has 'honor', but he does not. He's certainly more nationalistic than our current leader, but Bin Laden is nothing more than an extremist. Just a really rich one, which is why he has any following in the first place.
  5. Just when i thought a thread about Castro being respectable was about as ridiculous as it gets ...............

    Yeah. He used his OWN money along with some not so well known US support to thwart russians from invading. He spent money on war, and has he ever spent any of that on the poor people surrounding him?

    Honorable would be if he used his money/resources to better his people and country. Rather than to spend it murdering.
  6. osama bin laden is a CIA schill. and has been from the beginning. just another douche-bag aristo-revolutionary. very loudly for the people, very quietly for himself....guess which one he really is.
  7. Hitler was a smart guy, too.

  8. And how many other Mujahideen fought the Soviets, why does Osama get more respect? Because he had money? For a fundamentalist Muslim what good is money?

    He has no honor.

    Did you know that the Al Qaeda belief that civilians were fair game in jihad was made up on the spot by Bin Laden after he tried to bomb a building with US troops in it but got the wrong one, killing innocent people.

    He makes shit up to justify his bullshit beliefs
  9. He does come from a VERY wealthy and powerful family. George Bush Sr stayed with them on more than one occasion, interestingly enough.

  10. ohh the bush's and the bin ladens are tight...but it is a huge family.

  11. Have you ever heard about what happened on Sept. 11, 2001? Three thousand innocent people were killed due to Bin Laden on that day. How coiuld you say that he has "some honor"?

    Get the fuck out, lol, this forum has really gone to the dogs.
  12. False. Stop spreading misinformation. Confessions on a shitty quality video picked up by our not-so-biased news media outlets doesn't count as proof, especially when it's not even verifiable that it's actually bin Laden in the video. I think I'll trust the FBI on this one...

    How about you get the fuck out, lol? :rolleyes: You know what I'm tired of? People bashing this forum.
  13. Can we not talk politics without resorting to insults?! Come on people we are all adults here. No one is going to get the fuck out of anywhere so drop the petty arguments please.

  14. [​IMG]

    Oh and you're a horrible judge of character.
  15. I would like to repeat my assertion that Bin Laden is a mass murderer and has NO honor or respectability at all. He does speak the truth of what he believes, which is quite horrific but honest.

    "Get out", or it's variations "Get the fuck outta here", etc., is a colloquialism of surprise - it does not literally mean "leave".

    Fuck Bin Laden, and his minions - he's a lowlife scumdog that is no doubt hiding out in a cave someplace.

    Conspiracy theories belong in Pandora's box.
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    It's a shame you can't even verify his supposed confession for the 9/11 attacks. Oh well... False premises aren't anything new for you.

    That's probably why you followed your statement with a witty comment about how you think this forum "has really gone to the dogs."

    I haven't seen anyone posit any conspiracy theories in this thread. Not sure why you made this comment.
  17. I would guess that Bin Laden wanted to try to stop the U.S. attack against Afghanistan, when he originally denied, shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, being the one who masterminded the 9/11 plot. When that ruse didn't work, and we attacked anyway, he owned up to it. He did admit, in one recording, that they didn't expect the attack to go as well as it did.

    My comment about this not being the place for conspiracy theories was a pre-emptive reminder, just in case.
  18. Garrison, you're so cute when you pretend you understand someone else's motives.

    My point still stands. You have no way of verifying that it is actually bin Laden owning up to the attacks. You're actually spreading misinformation by assuming that it is bin Laden in the video.

    The only one suggesting any conspiracy theories here is you (see underlined). :wave:
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    There definitely was a conspiracy, re 9/11, and it was conceived and carried out by Bin Laden and his underlings.

    Since the majority of the Islamic, and non-Islamic, world believes that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11, due mostly to the evidence presented in their respective medias, I do not think that it is "spreading misinformation" to say that the video and audio recordings of Bin Laden are probably authentic.
  20. Ah, so where's the proof? I know I haven't seen it. Enlighten me. Oh, and I've read the 9/11 Commission Report. The proof isn't in there. Feel free to pick passages out from it though. I'd be glad to tear apart that nonsense again.

    Appeal to the majority =/= proof. The evidence I saw presented in their respective media =/= proof.

    And probably doesn't cut it. I want verification, not some stupid hunch you have.

    Again, feel free to bring any and all evidence you've seen. I'd be happy to discuss any of it with you, but as of now, let's be clear: we're talking about a conspiracy theory, since it has not yet been proven to be true.

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