Osama Bin Laden Hoax Woke Someone Up

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxrule, May 12, 2011.

  1. What did it feel like when you woke up?

    Maybe you haven't woke up yet but a lot of people have.

    I still remember when I woke up. It felt like a sock in the gut when I realized that the world is basically a movie production and a psy-op.

    When I first came to the city I was a hard core neo-con who supported the war on terror. Heck I voted for Bush twice. :mad:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIeYbP80KmY&feature=feedu]YouTube - Osama Bin Laden Hoax Woke Someone Up[/ame]
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    It takes this guy about 10 seconds to put together a coherent sentence lol...

    "...he had just woken up from the bin Laden hoax, the bin Laden hoax woke this guy up."

    ^He probably said that 60 times over the course of a 5:32 second video.

  3. Thanks for le link limecat!

    The revolution will be one of the consciousness, juuustl like the mayans predicted

    god we live in a heady time

  4. The T in TV don't stand for TRUTH.

  5. What? Like it was Delta Force instead?
  6. This guy mentions that America is in the shitter but since bin Laden was killed, his approval ratings are soaring. Is this guy saying that bin Ladens death is a conspiracy to improve Obama's approval ratings?

    Wouldn't Bush want to do that to rectify the war situation?

    I'm just sayin-I totally am into the fact that the two political parties are controlled by corporate special interest groups, but really? bin laden can't be dead?
  7. the term "hoax" dosn't necessarily imply that he's not dead.
  8. I meant that he couldn't have been killed in Pakistan on May 2011

  9. Dude you didn't hear that they had him frozen since 2002? :rolleyes:
  10. I am skeptical when somebody has a sudden epiphany about a number of things all at once, there's almost always something wrong with the reasoning of those who claim to have had them.
  11. I don't want to believe Osama and 9/11 was a conspiracy because I would just lose faith in my government, the same way I would lose faith in my religion if I didn't believe in God. Regardless, there's definitely something fishy about this whole Osama thing and they're obviously not telling us everything.

  12. The Navy Seals are particularly an underwater demolitions team. Unless you are talking about those who play Seals on TV. Now those guys would kill bin Laden in spectacular movie fashion.

    It's not like there was an army of ten foot ninjas guarding bin Laden. I saw a photo of two soldiers guarding the compound.

    There are plenty of other special forces teams on the ground in the area and lots of armed troops who are perfectly capable of capping an ass.

    Or a simple unmanned drone strike would have worked as they've done lots of times before. However that would not have got the American people all worked up like the ass kickery of Seal Team Six.

    This is America where nothing is real and everything is Hollywood.

    They gonna recruit a lot of people and sell a lot of merchandise. :smoke:


    Bin Laden Death Fuels Pop-Culture Phenomenon - News Story - KTVU San Francisco

  13. You still have faith in your government? Oh ye of infinite faith....

  14. I can understand your point but once a person breaks their conditioning for the first time it's like opening an entire realm of information that you were once too biased or too disinterested to look at. Sometimes that leads to even more startling revelations.

    Sort of like opening up a window shade in a dark room and realizing that the room is far different in the light than what you'd imagined.

    I think that the smarter you are the harder it is to break your conditioning.

    The real truth lays at the bottom of a very deep hole and those who seek to keep it hidden are perpetually dumping more shit down there to make sure that it never ever sees the light of day.
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    The SEAL acronym stands for Sea, Air, and Land, which identifies the elements in which they operate. SEALs work in small units -- often one to two men, but sometimes in a platoon comprised of up to 16. They are trained to perform specific tasks under any type of circumstance and in any environment. Their training takes place in the desert, the jungle, in extreme hot and cold weather, and in urban areas.

    HowStuffWorks "About Navy SEALs"
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  17. Very reputable.

    It's run by Lew Rockwell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. So what?

    He was supposedly killed an hour north of Islamabad.

    That sure is a long ways away from the ocean where they dumped the body. :rolleyes:

    It was a psy-op. The real been bin Laden has been dead for years just like Elvis and JFK.

    PSYOP: US ARMY FIELD MANUEL 33-1; Tactics or information aimed at influencing a target audiences ATTITUDES, EMOTIONS, OPINIONS, BEHAVIORS


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