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Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by mosesnumb, Jan 25, 2013.

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  1. Got the worm bin about done....waiting on a few more clasps the hardware store was out :/ and one more silver handle. Going to build a stand for it to set on with a plastic tub under to catch the worm juice. 20171012_115730.jpg oh and a lid is next to build
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  2. That’s pretty nice!! Are you going to stain it or anything?
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  3. Hello my leetle freend. Using recycled soil has its surprises. I have no idea what this variety is. Probably came from sweeping up at some time. So, it's in veg now.


    The roots were pretty well intertwined so i just cut the flowers off....


    And stuck it in a pot. Free The Weed :weed:

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  4. Nah probably not, I was thinking about it but I have unlimited supply of pallets so I'm not concerned about them deteriorating. The next 3 bins will be alot nicer because it's for a friend I just threw this one together for the winter months indoors....just gotta sneak it into the grow without the wife seeing meBolt
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    Lid is done 20171012_164732.jpg 20171012_164753.jpg now time to sand it good and wait on a few parts to finish it.
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  6. I hope you're doing ok Mike. rest peacefully, Tasha.

    I just said goodbye to my sweet little 17 and a half year old cat this afternoon. After a period of good health and high energy, she suddenly developed a tumor in the 5 weeks since her last vet appointment. had a mobile vet come out today, only to confirm what my instincts were telling me. it was her time. I had to make the decision. I'm going to miss her so much. I had her since I was six years old.

    I know you made the right decision Mike. it's incredibly difficult but you did the right thing for her.
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  7. Quick question for anyone that sees this and can get back to me.

    How long should I flush for and do I need to?
    So my girls just hit about 8 weeks flower or so but they definitely got some fattening and maturing.
    I am using G.O. BioFeed Bloom and BioBud in Sunshine Mix #4 with Garden Lime and Bio Live (they are in the ground, mounded and lst'd.) I have been feeding almost everyday, took off some mold few days ago and stopped watering for 3 days to get rid of the mold but it was prayers that saw to the mold not prospering. So the mold God's got under control but I am curious about flushing as 14, 12 or even 7 days seems like a long time for organic growing. I was thinking maybe like 3 days or even not watering for three days for a quicker cure come harvest but I am no expert as this is my first grow, so if anyone has any input please let me know.
  8. Flushing is only going to remove salts from your soil. Where is the mold? I would try using Soap Nut Powder or Yucca Extract to clean things up for the next few days.

    Also, if your plant is in the ground, all your going to do is push those excess nutrients deeper into the soil, possibility into your water table. Farm run off is a very serious issue environmentally.

    You could spend this winter building big compost piles where you want to plant in the spring, soil will be really nice next year!
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  9. The answer lies in the detail of your question. "Salts" are quantum (ionic) elements otherwise known as fertilizer. The answer to your question is the analysis of this question; why in the 8th week of flower would one want to leach (flush) needed nutrients from the medium? If the plant is healthy LITFA and just water as normal. Dont leach (flush) unless there's a visible problem or you know exactly, on a scientific basis, what it is you're attempting to accomplish.

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  10. The mold is on mostly some of the lower branches and I have been picking off what I see, lust little studff here and there. On one of the smaller tops it attacked the stem do I just sacrificed it with an inch plus of healthy stem to stop the spreading. I would do that but I don't have the funds for any of that yucca nut powder nor do I have the time to be honest. I havent been giving anything but the General Organics nutes so runoff is not really an issue nor a concern. Also stopped watering for 3 days to drain excess moisture and fed them yesterday.
    Like I said this is my first grow and first time growing organically, I know when using non-organic nutrients flushing is a must, so that is why I wanted to know if I need to just water it or continue to use the organic nutes til harvest.

    Thanks for the replies
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  11. Realize this is an old post but how or did these finish? I tried 3 times to get decent yield from some nirvana freebie seeds that ended up being 80% sativa 110 days of flower I lost some grey hairs keeping them happy!
  12. I'm thinking that if you have any kind of "juice" dripping out that your bedding is too wet.

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  14. funny you ask. i just found out a couple days ago that spider mites have infested the grow. lost half the crop and the rest had to harvest prematurely at 101 days, they didn't reach their full potential. next time i go with such a long flowering strain im going to keep applying a mild IPM foliar a lot further into flower. i just jarred what i did harvest today so i can at least sample some.
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  15. This is going inside my house so if it does make a mess I can collect it.
  16. So sorry to hear that Sc00b.

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  17. Thought I would share with everyone, been using Green Lacewing’s in the garden for pest control. These little guys are vicious predators!!
    Young, freshly hatched.

    Older Green Lacewing Larvae
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  18. It's not a matter of making a mess dude - it's more a matter of worm health. They don't like soggy at all but, like an organic potting soil, "just moist".

    I suppose you *could* pour some water through a corner of it but you might be better off just harvesting some vermicompost and making a fresh tea that way if that's what you were looking to do.

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